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With one party hot on the heels of the next this June, looking fabulous has never been more important: so here to help are our 'ultimate pre-party beauty tips' :

  1. The night before an important event, choose your dress, shoes, bag and accessories, and try on the shoes to make sure they fit! - being prepared on the night will make ALL the difference to your timekeeping!
  2. The day of a party, avoid stodgy, processed food and (of course) any alcohol. Instead, drink lots of water and eat light, with a small, protein and salad-rich meal just before you go out: This will help ensure you look bright & bouncy – and actually have the energy to party!
  3. Think about your hair the morning before an event: Hairdressers? Wash it? Wild and touseled? - factor in the time accordingly. The same goes for your nails.
  4. Stop everything 2 hours before party time and start to prepare: have an indulgent, steamy bath, apply a thick layer of anti-aging mask to your face & décolleté (see BONNE FEE smoothing, pre-party mask) and lie down for 30 mins to totally relax: a catnap before you go out is as good as several hours sleep – and is the Party Animal's secret weapon; Then makeup, hair, body lotion, dress, …and action…
  5. If you are prone to hangovers, take globe artichoke and milk thistle supplements 2 hours before you go out and have more waiting at your bedside with a glass of water (night cream & and a bottle of makeup-remover) for when you return: both globe artichoke and milk thistle are proven to reduce the severity of hangovers.
  6. At the party, follow each drink with a glass of water; this helps you pace your alcohol consumption so you can really enjoy the night.
  7. Before going home, make your last drink a big glass of orange juice and have another first thing in the morning! Vitamin C helps your body to detoxify.
  8. The morning after a party, avoid strong sunshine, as the residual alcohol will make you more sensitive to sunstroke, and drink several cups of antioxidant rich green tea all day long to revive, purify -and prepare for the next event…