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Healthy skin is composed to 70% of collagen, a protein which requires a good supply of protein through your diet to remain in top condition; This means eating protein at least 5 times a week is important to maintain collagen levels and protect from slack skin and premature wrinkles. Beyond the age of 35 you should be eating at least 45–65 grams of protein a day.

Who know's that better than screen goddess Cameron Diaz. Just turned 40, fabulously toned Cameron's diet consists mostly of lean protein such as chicken, fish, steak and shrimp, grilled vegetables and egg-white omlettes. 

The best animal sources of high quality protein include all white & oily fish, especially Tuna, Sardines, Mackerel and Wild salmon, eggs, poultry and low-fat cheeses. Fatty fish is probably the best protein source for your skin as it combines complete protein with essential omega 3 fatty acids, invaluable at protecting skin from dryness and eczema.

For easy & delicious protein based beauty food recipes, check out Daniele's mini E-book EAT YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL, containing recipes from her international bestseller of the same name.