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As mornings become crisp and misty again, give your skin a rejuvenating boost with ETINCELLES DE SOLEIL toning facial oil. 100% botanical, with pure oils of jojoba and grape seed, ETINCELLES DE SOLEIL is particularly effective at rehydrating and replenishing dehydrated skin after excessive sun exposure. A 100% natural source of antioxidants, fatty acids and Vitamin E, ETINCELLES DE SOLEIL also contains energizing Rosemary, regenerating Neroli and healing Geranium. A fragrant, golden oil to rejuvenate, smooth and illuminate your complexion.

ETINCELLES DE SOLEIL is particularly beneficial after skin has been exposed to the elements.

APPLICATON: Warm a small amount of fragrant ETINCELLES DE SOLEIL between your fingertips and massage gently into cleansed face, neck and décolleté, then:

A) If your complexion tends to be dry, apply moisturiser or both serum and moisturiser directly on top. As ETINCELLES DE SOLEIL is 100% botanical, it allows skin to breathe naturally and does not need to be removed (as a petroleum-based oil would).

B) If your complexion is mixed or oily, remove excess ETINCELLES DE SOLEIL after massage with moist cotton pads and dry face with a clean towel before applying moisturiser.

C) Or, simply add a few drops of ETINCELLES DE SOLEIL to your moisturiser every day for beautifully increased nourishment and comfort.

Deliciously fragrant & 100% botanical.

ETINCELLES DE SOLEIL is now on special September offer.

Enjoy your beauty care!