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As the weather becomes colder and evenings darker, one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to rejuvenate your skin is a blissful night of 8 or more hours sleep.

Just be in bed by 10:30pm, sleep for 8 hours and wake up to prettier skin, more beautiful eyes and a slimmer, yourger looking-body.

8 or more hours of uninterrupted slumber allow your body to actively repair skin cells, boost your immunity and help you lose weight by reducing the cravings associated with tiredness. Finally, getting enough sleep also dramatically reduces stress levels. ­

To ensure a blissful night, enjoy a light supper of poached salmon, steamed kale and brown rice to enhance your body's production of Serotonin (a feel-good hormone that helps you relax) and Melatonin (a natural, sleep-inducing hormone triggered by darkness). Follow with a fragrant, lavender scented, candlelit bath and ...dream away.