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If you would like to lose a few festive kilos and get fit this January, it is great to know that good muscle tone and smooth skin both benefit from eating protein. Healthy skin consists of 70% of collagen, a natural protein which needs protein from food to stay in top condition; Eating at least 45–65 grams of protein every day also encourages the formation of lean muscle when you work out - and helps you feel full for longer.

Great protein sources include chicken, fish, eggs, all seafood, pulses, quinoa and tofu.

Fatty fish is a great beauty food as it combines protein with essential omega 3 fatty acids, great for protecting your skin from dryness, rosacea and/or eczema.

For easy & delicious protein & antioxidant - rich beauty food recipes, see Daniele's mini E-book EAT YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL, containing recipes from her international bestseller of the same name.