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It is important to apply a high quality, lluminating moisturizer; For beauty results that work for you INSIDE OUT, boost your skin's luminosity with a high fibre, natural diet, ideally with lots of fresh salad, fruit and vegetables. 

In addition to being rich in natural fibre, fruit and vegetables are Mother Nature's best source of age-defying Antioxidants: yellow and orange Antioxidants to improve tone & neutralise the bad bacteria that cause breakouts; Red and blue Antioxidants to heal inflammation, and Vitamin C to stimulate skin regeneration and provide all round immune support.

Add whole grains (brown rice, quinoa) pulses and raw Almonds and you will be impressed with your fresh, beautiful complexion. PS. For best results cut down on fried food, biscuits, alcohol and smoking.

For easy beauty food recipes, try Daniele de Winter's E-book EAT YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL, for delicous, functional beauty recipes from Daniele's international bestseller of the same name.