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Did you know that eating fresh herbs such as parsley, basil, chives and coriander is a super way to rejuvenate your complexion?

All fresh, dark green herbs are rich in Chlorophyll, an energizing antioxidant that increases cellular oxygenation, replenishes red blood cells and helps all our cells - including skin cells - regenerate.

Fresh herbs contain more iron than red meat, more Vitamin C than oranges, Vitamin K, folic acid and a huge range of immunity boosting  antioxidants and minerals including manganese, calcium and potassium. Very easy to grow on your window and virtually calorie-free.. Fresh green herbs are also a super way to purify your breath - just check for green bits before you smile :)

For more beauty tips, see Daniele's E-book EAT YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL, full of quick, easy, functional beauty recipes from Daniele's international bestseller of the same name.