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It sure does! For that perfect Spring look, feed your skin INSIDE and OUT with a star team of living antioxidants. Some of the most important players for a smooth complexion are Carotenes (think Lycocpene and Lutein, found in sweet potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, mangos and all yellow/orange fruit & veg), Vitamin C (in all fruit, specially limes and passion fruit, kiwis & green peppers) and Vitamin E (in creamy avocados, nuts & seeds). All these gorgeous antioxidants do not just protect skin from free radicals, they also have specific beauty functions of their own: Carotenes are fabulous at clarifying the complexion and reducing acne, Vitamin C works with protein to boost collagen synthesis (so to get the protein, eat lean poultry, fish & eggs) and Vitamin E smooths your skin and makes it beautifully soft. They all play as a team ; ie are absorbed much better when together than isolated in a supplement. Think 'Beckham without the other ten', would be hard to win a match… even for him ;)

You can protect your skin from outside with all of the above antioxidants combined together in deW's high antioxidant, firming ENERGIE PURE  day cream. Shown in independent dermatological tests to eliminate over 85% of all free-radicals in the skin – and to increase skin density by over 40% after 3 months. For normal and sensitive skins. Free from parabens and synthetic fragrances.