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To wake up every morning with sparkling, bambi eyes:

1. Keep dinner light with lots of veggies, as their potassium reduces water retention. Cabbage, Cauliflower and Sweet potatoes are great.

2. Sleep on your back with your head raised on a fluffy pillow : water follows gravity, so sleeping with your head higher than the rest of your body works wonders to prevent puffy eyes -and pillow lines.

3. Religously remove all eye makeup before going to bed and apply only a light eye serum to nourish your eye contour while you sleep.

4. Be in bed before midnight and GET ENOUGH SLEEP. Most of us need 8 hours. Nighttime is when our super growth hormones become active and repair the damage of the day: so give them time to do their job!

5. Lastly, stay active: walk, dance, do anything, just move... exercise stimulates our lymphatic system to work efficiently, draining excessive fluid and toxins from the body gently and naturally.