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According to latest research published this week in Australia, Sunscreen really does slow skin aging if used regularly:

The large scale, four and a half year study concluded that among a random group of 900 Australian individuals aged under 55, those who applied sunscreen daily had 24 percent less skin ageing after 4.5 years than those who used sunscreen only some of the time. The researchers therefore agreed that wearing daily sun protection up to SPF 50+ (the highest protection recognised by the Australian Government,) which blocks out 97.5% of harmful UVA & UVB Radiation, actively protects against sun induced skin ageing and reduces the risk of skin cancer.

DANIELE de WINTER's SOLEIL PURE SPF 50+ face cream corresponds to this highest level of protection and actively reduces the risk of UV induced skin damage, burning and photoageing. Botanical, paraben-free SOLEIL PURE SPF 50+ lies invisibly on the skin and provides multifunctional, broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection, is antioxidant, anti-wrinkle & very hydrating (for the girls), compact, break-resistant and fragrance free (for the guys) and hypoallergenic (for the kids) - and the 50ml flat tube is perfect for flights ;)

Rare among sunscreens, SOLEIL PURE SPF 50+ is also an "intelligent" UV cream made by a super scientist (whom we love ;) ) who blended all the antioxidant plant extracts into a cream base which absorbs into the skin to hydrate and smooth, while sealing all UVA&UVB filters & reflectors into invisible liposomes that lie on the skin's surface and are not absorbed – making the cream truly hypoallergenic.

Now on special 2+1 Spring family offer while stocks last: buy two SPF 50+ and receive a third product completely FREE. You save €64.58. See our SUN PROTECTION section for details.