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Wouldn't it be nice to have one entire winter season cold and flu free…? No sniffing, coughing during business meetings, 'rudolf' nose, shivery, aching feelings… 

Well the most effective solution does not come from a pharmacy, but courtesy of dear old Mother Nature.

Being pretty keen at deW HQ ON not getting colds ourselves, we've consulted a bunch of experts who have done the research.. and here are their (= our) Top Three Strategies for staying fit & cold free all winter:

Eat Raw Garlic. Yes, the aura it leaves you is not sexy, but the allicin in fresh, raw garlic converts to sulfenic acid when digested, and sulfenic acid destroys harmful free radicals faster than any compound known to man. Raw garlic is powerfully antiviral, antibacterial and anti fungal and will kill a wide variety of the bacteria and viruses that cause colds and flu outright. Pretty cool for a little spice. How to get yours? Grate two cloves of raw garlic over your food immediately before eating. If you follow it with green salad & fresh herbs (think basil, parsley or coriander) or fresh fruit and brush your teeth afterwards the 'aura' almost disappears..

Eat Royal Jelly, the life elixir that bees feed their beautiful queen. Take a tsp daily from Oct to Dec (for 3 months) to dramatically boost your immune system. Royal Jelly is concentrated in highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals and contains thousands of immune stimulating compounds that help keep you fighting fit.

Get your Vitamin D: Whenever the sun shines, get out there. Natural Vitamin D synthesised on your skin in sunshine can more than halve your risk of catching a cold – and protect us from SAD. When its dark and grey, take a Vitamin D3 supplement instead together with Vitamin K2, as K2 is Vitamin D's natural partner and protects us from Vitamin D toxicity if we ever take too much.

...Also eat lots of Vitamin C fruits & Veg or drink hot ginger, lime & honey tea, one of our all time favourites. Avoid people coughing or sneezing straight at you and wash your hands and face with soap & water if you get too close, Get regular exercise in the fresh air (working out 5 times a week can cut your risk of catching a cold by 50%, just change quickly afterwards to keep your body temperature up) and make sure you get lots of beauty sleep, as our immune system dips dramatically when we are sleep deprived;

…and have a fabulously healthy Winter!