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What if one small shot of juice a day had the power to firm, clarify and rejuvenate your complexion, slim your waist, increase energy levels and boost your immunity ?

What if this juice also enhanced eye health, brain-power, hair, nails and digestion and tasted really good..?

and what if you could both see and feel the benefits after the very first glass… ?

Welcome to the deW BEAUTY SHOT, a chic sachet of soluble 'super fruit & superfood' powder designed to boost wellbeing and beauty from within every day, wherever you are. deW BEAUTY SHOT contains natural skin healers, collagen boosters, anti-inflammatory agents, hydrators and 100% natural brain & body energizers that work in synergy from within and can illuminate, clarify and rejuvenate your complexion within days - as well as give you a super energy boost. We believe this super-exciting product can revolutionize the face of beauty and would love to know what you think, so will be giving away some very special boxes in our upcoming beauty quiz. Stay tuned...

For more information visit deW BEAUTY SHOT