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Fresh, clear and thirst-quenching INSIDE-OUT, pure spring water is our favourite Spring Health & Beauty Elixir.

To tighten and refine your complexion, just soak a clean washcloth in hot (but bearable) water and lay it over your face for a minute. Next, wash with your favorite cleanser, then rinse with luke warm water. Last but not least, to achieve the tightening effect, fill a sink with icy cold water and splash your face with cold water at least 10 times. Pat dry and add the lightest touch of moisturizer to lock water into your skin : Shazam!! Look in the mirror : Your face looks toned, invigorated and noticeably refreshed.

To awaken and refresh tired eyes in minutes, soak two cotton pads with fresh water, add a few drops of L'ELIXIR MAGIC YEUX rejuvenating eye serum and place on closed eyes: the fresh water will cool and relax your eyes in minutes while the calming botanicals in your eye serum will soothe and decongest the eye area. Leave on for 7 to 10 minutes, then open your eyes bambi..

Making sure you keep your skin well hydrated with a light moisturizer at all times is a cool beauty move, as hydrated skin is not only better able to resist irritation, pollution and harmful free radicals - hydrated skin also looks younger, making any lines noticeably less visible.

..and water is even great for beautiful hair: rinsing your hear with cold water after washing really does make it shinier: the cold water makes hair follicles lie closer together so your hair is sleeker, more reflective and truly shines more...

The average adult body is comprised of 55-75% water, it is the medium in which all energy reactions take place, and simply drinking enough every day improves our skin, our teeth, our physical stamina and even our muscle tone without setting a foot in the gym! 

According to studies, people frequently confuse thirst for hunger; Drinking enough water not only washes away imagined hunger pangs but also helps our body metabolize properly, making it easier to slim down and maintain an ideal weight, as even mild dehydration can slow your metabolism by up to 5%!

A study published in the “American Journal of Epidemiology” found that women who drank more than five glasses of water a day were a staggering 41% less likely to die from a heart attack than those who drank less than two glasses! Cheers Dears...