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Keep your skin enviably smooth all Summer long with the following simple beauty tips:
If you are in the City, apply a generous layer of botanical, antioxidant moisturiser all over your face, neck & décolleté before applying SPF foundation. This base layer of antioxidants mops up free radicals caused by both pollution and UV exposure and prevents them damaging skin cells.
If you are on holiday, do the same; apply a generous layer of botanical, antioxidant-rich moisturiser all over your face, neck & décolleté before applying SPF in order to prevent any free radicals that get through from harming the skin. Make sure to re-apply your sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours.
Drink at least 2L of pure spring water throughout the day to hydrate your body from within and avoid all sodas, which weaken both teeth and bones. Try to steer clear of fried foods and enjoy fresh, raw fruits & salads instead. Adding a collagen & antioxidant-rich BEAUTY SHOT to your daily routine is a great way to boost skin hydration and antioxidant protection from within.
Finally, make sure to slather botanical, antioxidant loaded moisturizer all over your body after your bath or shower the moment you get back from the beach - just pat your skin dry first. This will lock in moisture and help your skin to regenerate overnight.
- its called "dewy" skin for a reason..