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Rosacea is an embarrasing skin condition typically affecting cheeks and chin area and visible as red, inflamed patches sometimes accompanied by bumpy, itchy skin. Rosacea is due to sensitive skin reacting to excess heat, cold, stress, dehydration and even excess sugar, and its treatment is notoriously difficult.

Latest research however provides hope - Lots of it. Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition and as such can be both prevented and cured by healing the actual inflammation that causes it.

The most natural way to calm the skin's inflammatory response is to work from within, by nourishing skin cells with anti-inflammatory fruits, herbs and oils. SKINERGIE contains a synergy of super-anti-inflammatory fruits & herbs along with concentrated, long chain Omega 3 oils, and has been shown in consumer trials to heal rosacea in just a few weeks. SKINERGIE energises all layers of your skin to stimulate collagen synthesis, protect against dehydration, boost skin immunity and help you wave goodbye to irritation & rosacea. What is more, by reducing inflammationthroughout your body, SKINERGIE also effectively helps to reduce visceral inflammation and slim your waist.

Now on special offer : receive a free 50ml BONNE FEE perfecting mask with every SKINERGIE purchase.

BONNE FEE contains pure extracts of mango, jojoba, soy protein, avocado and vitamin E, and complements the effect of SKINERGIE by smoothing and calming your complexion from the outside. Bonne Fee is a fragrant, versatile, skin-perfecting mask that stimulates collagen synthesis and noticeably firms facial contours after 2 weeks of regular use. Leaves skin hydrated and illuminated.

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