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The Spa Experience

Daniele de Winter Spa therapies are designed to maximize client pleasure with optimizing the effect of the dew INSIDEOUT beauty™ System

All of our treatments begin with the “Beauty Shot” – a delightful drink jam packed with natural enzymes, antioxidants & bioactives, specially formulated to kick-start cellular regeneration and enhance the treatment result

A series of stimulating massage techniques are then deployed to maximize the effects of the active ingredients contained in our exclusive range of botanical skincare products.

Each deW treatment has been carefully conceived to bring noticeable improvement to targeted areas and deliver an overall feeling of wellness and relaxation.

At the end of your treatment, you will receive our “Skin Energy” supplement pack to take home with you. These expertly selected range of nutrients are designed to prolong the effects of your deW Spa day and deliver over all revitalization.

Beauty Shots and Skin Energy sachets are exclusive nutraceuticals designed by Daniele herself to be taken daily. To increase your overall wellness and enhance the efficacy of your daily beauty regime, deW recommends that you take a one-month course home with you to “vivre la difference”!