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Did you know that if you wear makeup, you really should cleanse your face 3 times before going to bed?

Sound over the top?

Not really, Today’s foundations, tinted primers and SPF’s are all designed with superb staying power, so a very thorough cleanse is essential to remove all traces of make-up, pollution and grime - and help your skin to regenerate as well as possible overnight.

Going to sleep with traces of makeup on skin and around eyes can:
- give you eye bags in the morning
- encourage wrinkle formation
- dullen skin tone
- cause spots
- reduce the absorption and efficacy of your night-time beauty care

The last point is particularly relevant, as we all want to get the best out of our night-time moisturizer, and studies show that over 30% more moisturizer is absorbed into properly cleansed skin!

Introducing DANIELE de WINTER’s super antioxidant, 3 step botanical cleansing kit to naturally remove every last trace of foundation, pollution and grime and leave your bed-time skin totally clean – yet still deliciously soft and hydrated.

1. DOUCEURS DE PETALES creamy Vitamin E cleanser
2. PLUIE DE ROSES calming, 100% botanical facial oil
3. FRAICHEUR D’AURORE antioxidant wash-off cleanser

Step 1: FACE : Pump DOUCEURS DE PETALES on moist cotton pads and wipe over face to remove 90% of your makeup. Repeat with fresh moist pads and more DOUCEURS DE PETALES pads until pads come away totally clean.

STEP 1: EYES: Pump DOUCEURS DE PETALES plus a few drops of one of deW’s botanical facial oils onto 2 more moist cotton pads to remove eye makeup: wipe closed eyes gently from the inside out, and repeat again until pads come away clean.

STEP 2. Pump a few drops of PLUIE DE ROSES 100% botanical cleansing water into the palm of your hand and gently massage over eyes, face & neck. Remove with moist cotton pads and and repeat until pad come away totally clean.

STEP 3. Splash a little cool water onto your face and lather a knob of FRAICHEUR D’AURORE between your palms, then massage all over face, including eye area, neck and décolletée. Rinse abundantly with cool water and pat dry with a fresh towel. For ultimate freshness, wipe your face with toner and then apply CLAIR DE LUNE regenerating night cream – and look forward to a fabulous face in the morning!

That’s IT!

PS. In the morning, a quick splash with cool water, a pat dry and a spritz of ROSEE rosewater toner to refresh and tone skin is all you need before applying your moisturizer.

TIME WELL SPENT: By removing all debris, toxins and makeup every evening, skin can breathe much better and also absorb anti-aging ingredients more efficiently. Studies show that customers who follow a 3-step cleansing routine every night see anti-aging results twice as fast as those who do not.

The DANIELE de WINTER cleansing trio is now on special offer.
Normally costing € 130.90, You can now buy all 3 products for just €79.90 which is a staggering €52 discount!!

The DANIELE de WINTER cleansing trio nourishes and purifies skin with grapefruit, elderflower, orange blossom, rose, rosewater, lavender, green tea and many more healing botanicals. All three products are free from parabens and chemical nasties.

Particularly recommended for add moisture and radiance to dry and sensitive skins.