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Christmas is the time we all overindulge, so here are 4 simple kitchen spices with the amazing ability to help keep you svelte despite the feast!


Curcumin, the active polyphenol antioxidant in turmeric and one of the main ingredients in BEAUTY SHOT has been shown in over nineteen clinical studies to protect against and help resolve high blood sugar, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. The studies showed that Curcumin helps to naturally stabilize blood sugar in ten entirely separate ways, all linked to an improvement in glucose metabolism. Curcumin is able to simultaneously:

- reduce liver glucose production

- reduce liver glycogen production

- stimulate increased glucose uptake

- increase the activation of AMP kinase

- suppress hyperglycemia-induced inflammation

- stimulate insulin secretion by the pancreas

- improve pancreatic cell function

- increasing insulin receptor function

- actively reduce insulin resistance

Source: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/why-diabetics-should-know-about-turmeric

If (like us..) you are intending to splurge on chocolates, cookies and cakes over Christmas, Curcumin is your absolute best friend. Just take 2 tsp / day (mix with black pepper & coconut oil and heat with food for best absorption) or mix 2 sachets of BEAUTY SHOT in a glass of water just before you tuck in (The curcumin in BEAUTY SHOT is already highly bioavailable so does not need heating/mixing with fat). PS. As an added bonus, Curcumin also helps keep skin clear and blemish-free, virtually no matter what you eat.


Delicous in teas, cakes and hot chocolate, cinnamon is super-effective at stabilizing blood sugar levels and helping normalize type 2 diabetes. A meta-analysis of eight clinical studies on the effect of cinnamon intake on people with type 2 diabetes and/or prediabetes concluded that cinnamon is highly effective at lowering elevated fasting blood glucose levels and enhancing insulin sensitivity of cells. For healthy individuals, a cup of cinnamon tea with or after a meal actively works to balance blood sugar and thus reduce the risk of weight gain. PERFECT for washing down Christmas dinner!!

Coconut oil

Delicious, fragrant and super versatile, coconut oil has been shown in multiple clinical studies to boost metabolism, increase healthy HDL cholesterol levels and actively reduce fat around the waist. The medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil have also been shown in clinical studies to boost memory and brain function. Coconut oil can also help relieve an upset stomach, heal yeast infections, boost energy and muscular performance, reduce whole body inflammation and (when applied externally) protect skin from dehydration. Cold pressed, organic coconut oil is the best!


Cloves are some of our favourite warming Winter spices. Long used by our grandmothers to relieve pain, toothache and infections, Latest clinical research now shows that cloves can do a whole lot lot more to support our wellbeing. Clinical trials at University of Minnesota, the University of Pittsburg and China's Capital Medical University each independently demonstrated that cloves have the ability to stop the growth of Cancer. In these trials, five types of cancer cells were exposed to cloves: Ovarian cancer, Breast cancer, Liver cancer, Colon cancer and Pancreatic cancer cells. All five responded favorably to whole clove extract, ie clove was able to halt both the activity and growth of the cancers while leaving healthy cell activity undisturbed. The clove extract halted the cancer cell activity in a dose-dependent manner: ie the more clove that was applied, the greater the observed anticancer effect. This is considered the gold-standard of determining whether a particular compound is causing a desired result. Pretty cool for a tiny dried flower..

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