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Research has confirmed that just one of BEAUTY SHOT’s Iingredients increases Collagen Synthesis by over 30%

The principal ingredient in BEAUTY SHOT, N-Acetyl-Glucosamine, is actively used by fibroblasts in our skin to boost collagen synthesis: by over 33% in the mentioned trial.

Our skin's fibroblasts become less effective with age, leading to a 20% - 25% loss of collagen by the time we are 40 and a 35% - 40% collagen loss & the first wrinkles by the time we are 50. A good supply of NAG has been shown in clinical trials to boost fibroblast activity and significantly increase collagen production[1]

N-Acetyl-Glucosamine measurably increases the rate at which fibroblasts produce both hyaluronic acid and collagen – increasing both skin hydration and density - which is fabulous news for older skins. The study shows that NAG increases the effectiveness with which skin fibroblasts make a) hyaluronic acid, b) new collagen and c) protect themselves from free radical damage.

The researchers concluded that aging fibroblasts nourished with NAG exhibit more « youthful behavior » and have longer useful lifespans. Boosting collagen synthesis of older skins by over 32-37%, NAG and is a very effective anti-aging nutrient for the skin.

BEAUTY SHOT contains 1500mg of pure N-Acetyl-Glucosamine in every sachet: reassuringly more than the daily amounts used in the clinical trial.