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Global Wellness Day takes place Saturday, 11 June, and celebrations are happening in more than 4000 establishments and 100 countries, offering free “feel good” workshops and animations to reach more than 250 million people. Here is a look at some of the great ways people are celebrating wellness around the world.

In Monaco STARSNBARS has joined Global Wellness Day Ambassador Nicholas Khan and more than a dozen local volunteers to offer a full day’s program of dance, massage, Pilates, laughter therapy, nutrition advice, kid's yoga, meditation, stress management, hypnosis, reiki and mindfulness.

For more information, see STARSNBARS Facebook page.

Activities across Spain include Dive Zen (yoga and meditation underwater) in the Canary Islands, swing dance on the streets of Zaragoza, meditation inside an old mine, a hike in the Pyrenees with wine and oil tasting, free massages at the airport in Madrid, kids yoga and more.

The birthplace of Global Wellness Day, Turkey will be celebrating the event in Istanbul, as 10,000 people are expected to gather in KüçükÇiftlik Park for events including wellness and nutrition experts, breathing therapies, yoga, pilates, sports activities and zumba, as well as a section for children including dance, sports and recreational activities.

In Sokolniki Park in Moscow, up to 50,000 people are expected to take place in group activities including aerobics, taebo, gymnastics, yoga, Zumba, healing dances and more. The event will also see open massage classes and treatments, counseling for young mothers, lectures on healthy eating, bath rituals and the psychology of wellbeing. A jogging race for mothers with kids and a bicycle race round out the activities.

With the support of the ministry of public health, Lebanon is celebrating at the Edde Sands Hotel & Wellness Resort in Jbeil. Activities include Zumba, aqua gym, acro yoga, and sunset walks on the beach, as well as express nutrition consultations, wellness for children, life coaching, a granola station and juice bar.

The Netherlands
In Amsterdam, the day will start with a live stream “Dance for Health” featuring the National Opera and Ballet of Amsterdam, and continue with inspirational speakers addressing topics such as consciousness, heart health and building a well world.

Yoga, pilates, fitness and dance classes, as well as an agility ladder, pranic healing therapy, on-site massage and shiatsu, and advice from nutritionists.

Free Les Mills classes, rock-climbing trials, a beach volleyball tournament, “Trail of the Dolphins” hiking tour and sundown yoga.

Saudi Arabia
This is the first year Saudi Arabia is taking part in GWD, which coincides with the fasting month of Ramadan – itself billed as a manifest of wellness that allows the body to detoxify itself. In Jeddah, the mayor’s office is sponsoring one of the city’s biggest walkways and urging residents to jog during Ramadan for maximum strengthening while fasting. The initiative is targeting some of the area’s biggest social media influencers, with an expected reach of more than 700,000 people.

In Singapore, fitness workshops, wellness talks and children’s workshops will take place on 11 June, with a particularly impressive lineup of activities for kids, including yoga-nastics, Bollywood and jazz dance, mindfulness meditations, clay bank making, and story time.

United Arab Emirates
In Dubai, the Shangri-La hotel is celebrating by offering free yoga sessions, special spa offerings and a day of pampering for the children of the UAE Down Syndrome Association. Children will learn from experienced therapists how to mix their own homemade body and facial products, using natural ingredients like chocolate, strawberries and oranges, and they’ll also enjoy mini-facials and hand and foot scrubs. Children and their families will also enjoy food from the hotel’s Rooted In Nature menu, which features organic ingredients.

In Caen, Normandy, Le Grande Run (The Big Run) will take place over the weekend, and will include a marathon, 10k and 20k, as well as an exhibition hall with lots of sports federations encouraging people to be more active. Attendance is expected to be in the thousands. In Royan, 420 people will run a 42km relay marathon, with each person running 100 metres. And CIDESCO school Ecole Privee d’esthetique will open its doors for the public to benefit from free massages performed by students.

In Dzintari Mezapark, Jurmula, a GWD celebration will include yoga, TRX, body art, dance, aqua bike, massage, meditation, wellness diagnostics, activities and entertainment for children and a concert performance by Nataly Tumsevica.

The President of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, has become the first president to officially support Global Wellness Day, and a day-long celebration will take place in Limassol, which will include 2.5 hours of Les Mills classes, followed by a concert from The Coop Band.

USA - Arizona
At Sedona Golf Resort in Arizona, an integrative fitness and wellness golf tournament combines activities such as tai chi, yoga, kettlebells, mountain biking and zumba throughout the resort’s famed golf course.

USA - Miami
In Florida, the Miami Institute for Age Management and Intervention will bring guest speaker Dr Adonis Maiquez to the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne to speak about anti-ageing tips, followed by an hour-long cardio beach hike to the historic Cape Florida Lighthouse.

USA - Texas
In Texas, guests at the Four Seasons Hotel Austin will be invited to gather on the back lawn to partake in some informal pet therapy. For three hours, guests will frolic with puppies provided by the Austin Humane Society. A three-mile guided walk/run around Lady Bird Lake will also take place.