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With chill Winter winds blowing across the usually balmy Côte d'Azur, the ladies of Monaco are adding an extra step to their beauty routine to keep their skin naturally smooth and hydrated despite the cold. Famous throughout Africa for its fabulous healing properties, Organic Marula Oil is a powerful skin protector and revitalizer, ideal for giving skin extra nourishment in Winter. Extremely high in antioxidants, Omega EFA and Vitamin C esther, a very gentle, non-acidic form of Vitamin C renown for its ability to stimulate collagen synthesis, Organic Marula can be massaged directly into clean skin or mixed into your day cream.

Each DANIELE de WINTER face and body oil contains a high proportion of organic marula oil along with precious Organic Jojoba and healing Grapeseed oils. All our oils are 100% botanical and very rich in flavonoids, natural Vitamin E, Omega 3, 6 & 9 EFA, antioxidant polyphenols and natural Vitamin C. Perfect for smoothing skin during Winter. See our fragrant selection of 100% botanical beauty oils here.