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If you are one of the optimists still unwilling to believe the growing science about the dangers of mobile phone radiation, then it is worth taking a couple of steps back and asking: how has our health evolved since the widespread use of mobile phones?

- Smartphones began to be used in a big way in 2007, and in the 13 years since we all became addicted to the little things, the exponential decline in neurological health in technologically advanced countries has been staggering:

- Death from Dementia among women has increased over 600% and
- Incidence of Autism and ADD in children has increased from 1 in 500 in 2007 to 1 in 25 in 2019.

Although the experts agree that this shocking trend is due to a combination of mobile phone radiation with the aluminum & other toxins in our air from geoengineering and our increasing exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, it is mobile phone radiation that seems to be the main culprit, as it deactivates critical detoxification enzymes and so makes the effect of all other toxins so much worse.

The pathways of action of the microwave radiation used in 2G, 3G, 4G that lead to neurological and DNA damage have been clearly identified and demonstrated in literally thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies, however shockingly, mainstream media and even so called independent newspapers such as the British 'Guardian' continue to spread the PR blurb from telecom giants that wireless radiation and Wifi are quite safe - in the hope that nobody will bother to read any actual science.

Literally thousands of independent scientists agree that mobile phone radiation activates ‘voltage gated calcium channels’ (VGCC’s) present in the walls of all our cells and floods the cells with excess calcium, causing a chain reaction of severe oxidation and DNA damage. (source: Professor Martin Pall) This cascade of damage has already been linked in multiple peer-reviewed clinical studies to Autism, ADD, Altsheimers, Depression, Parkinsons, MS, Heart Failure and Cancer.

As far back as 2006 Professor Ole Johannsen (Professor Emeritus at the Karolinsky Institute in Sweden) found a direct correlation between exposure to cellphone radiation and Altsheimers disease. – When his study was published, the cellphone industry threatened to withdraw their funding to the Karolinsky Institute if he did not resign.

A scientific study on mobile phone electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in Turkey exposed rat embryos in-utero to 'accepted levels' of ambient mobile phone radiation deemed by all mobile operators to be safe, for 15 mins /day for just 7 days. Once these rats were born and grown they had to run a maze to find food, and their performance was compared to another group of rats of the same age who had not been exposed to any EMR in utero at all: The exposed rats took 3x longer to complete the maze and find the food and made over twice as many mistakes as the unexposed rats. (Source: Dr Devra Davis)

A similar study was carried out at Yale University on mice, comparing mice that were exposed in-utero to ambient levels of EMR (Electro Magnetic Radiation) deemed safe by mobile phone operators - to mice than were not exposed to any EMR at all. From childhood onwards all the exposed mice became hyperactive and had significantly worse memories as adults than mice of the same age that were not exposed in-utero to any EMR at all. (Source: Dr Devra Davis)

THIS IS KNOWN SCIENCE! In China pregnant mothers are required by law to wear protective clothing over the womb for the entire duration of their pregnancy to deflect EMR and protect the growing fetus from neurological damage through mobile phone radiation. (Source: Dr Dietrich Klinghardt)

Dr Klinghardt himself did a study comparing the EMR exposure -when asleep- during pregnancy of mothers who had given birth to autistic children with the EMR exposure -also when asleep- during pregnancy of mothers who gave birth to neurologically normal children, and without exception the mothers of the autistic children had been exposed to levels of EMR while asleep around 20 x higher than the mothers of neurologically normal children.

There are now thousands of independent, peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate how mobile phone radiation damages neurons –PARTICULARLY IN A CHILD’S DEVELOPING BRAIN – and is destroying the intelligence and neurological stability of an entire generation. According to Dr Stephanie Seneff, leading researcher at MIT, if the current increase in neurological damage continues, 1 child in 2 will be on the autistic spectrum by 2025 - in 5 years.

What can we do?
- Minimize mobile phone use, particularly among children - and never hold a phone against your ear.
- Unplug the Wifi entirely at night and ideally do not use Wifi at all, instead wire your home with Ethernet and use an old-fashioned landline.

What about 5G? Unfortunately the experts unanimously agree that no matter how worrying the harmful health effects we have already seen from 3G and 4G, 5G will be much, much worse. Look out for our article on 5G for more details or take a look at some of the following links: