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Now that March has arrived, warmer weather is on its way along with shorter skirts and sexy, sleeveless tops. So to help you feel buff and gloriously confident in even the summeriest of outfits here is our 1-2-3 tried-and-tested Monaco beach beauty routine to smooth skin and slim contours in just a few weeks:
STEP ONE: Buff away dry, older-looking skin with our fragrant, super-antioxidant black grape body-scrub SOIE SAUVAGE. Loaded with powerhouse antioxidants like Resveratrol and Vitamin E, SOIE SAUVAGE leaves your skin visibly clearer and smoother after the very first application! Rinse off in shower and pat dry!
STEP TWO: Then massage your freshly buffed body with CONTOURS DE LIANE, our award-winning, 100% botanical, slimming anti-cellulite oil. CONTOURS DE LIANE nourishes and hydrates skin on the outside while stimulating lymph flow and boosting lymphatic drainage beneath the surface. According to our happy Monaco customers, CONTOURS DE LIANE has helped people lose as much as 2cm off thigh diameter in less than a month! Voted several years running as "Monaco's best anti-cellulite oil!"
STEP THREE: Last but not least: The catalyst to slim and tone your body from within is SKINERGIE, our energizing, anti-aging supplement containing concentrated Omega 3 fish oils, sea minerals, glucosamines and powerful, botanical antioxidants to strengthen connective tissue and smooth skin all over the body. SKINERGIE enhances cellular renewal and helps rehydrate and rejuvenate your complexion from the inside-out.
All 3 are now available at a 20% discount with the special Coupon code LOVE. Happy beauty shopping!