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Recent science confirms that one of the only forms of exercise statistically proven to increase your lifespan is regularly walking in nature. Given that walking is free and people of very varied levels of fitness can do it, this is great news; so put on your woolly hat, wrap up warm and go for invigorating walks in the fresh Winter air!

(Brisk) walking in Wintertime also boosts immunity, reduces the risk of infection, helps burn off residual Christmas calories, increases circulation and boosts oxygenation, which can naturally revive and illuminate your complexion. Walking in nature for at least 20 minutes also effortlessly lifts your mood, making every day better!


As the weather gets colder, we want to keep our skin nourished and protected. DANIELE de WINTER are delighted to present 3 fabulous anti-aging offers with this in mind: First, a firming, hydrating duo, the FIRM & HYDRATE kit - containing ENERGIE PURE GOLD and your choice of L'ELIXIR MAGIC VISAGE or L'ELIXIR MAGIC YEUX! This combo hydrates and energizes your skin, leaving it luminous and protected against Winter wiinds! Second, the SMOOTHING, FIRMING KIT containing ENERGIE PURE GOLD, L'ELIXIR MAGIC VISAGE and BEAUTY SHOT firming, perfecting drink. With the added inner nourishment provided by BEAUTY SHOT, this kit has been shown in independent scientific trials to improve skin elasticity and density by 34% after 3 months of daily use. Shop Now.



We all love that golden sunkissed look you get after a day on the beach! To make the most of your tan - and make it last, apply SOIE FLUIDE silky body lotion immediately after your evening shower onto slightly damp skin. Deeply nourishing and rich in coconut oil and Vitamin E, SOIE FLUIDE will dramatically reduce the dehydration caused by sun exposure and make your tan last much longer. NOW ON SPECIAL OFFER: €34 instead of €49 for each 200ml bottle. While stocks last!


To keep the festive spirit flying, our Biggest SALE of the year is now LIVE!

This is the time of the year to stock up on luxury beauty essentials - and this New Year we have some brilliant new products in our BODY section to keep your limbs soft, smooth and beautifully hydrated throughout the cold months at truly delicious prices. Just enter the code SNOWFLAKE at checkout for up to 45% discount off your entire DANIELE de WINTER MONACO purchase! Shop now!


We have some wonderful news! Just in time for the warmer weather, our team of DANIELE de WINTER formulators and herbalists have spent months upgrading some of our products to now contain up to 90% ORGANIC ingredients, such as ROSEE, our fragrant Damask Rosewater toner or ENERGIE PURE, our award-winning firming, antioxidant moisturizer, now with Hawthorn, Gingko Biloba, Jojoba oil, Orange Blossom and 23 Carat Gold to protect against pollution and stimulate cellular regeneration. All our products are completely free from petroleum ingredients or parabens, SLS, artificial colours or fragrances and just contain nourishing, bioavailable, natural ingredients for your skin and body. From Monaco with Love!


During our amazing Xmas SALE you can purchase our award-winning CONTOURS DE LIANE 100% natural slimming body oil at 45% discount if you live outside the EU. Perfect for that Winter beach getaway!

CONTOURS DE LIANE contains Essential oils of Lemongrass to reduce inflammation, Cypress and Grapefruit to boost circulation and increase lymphatic drainage, Rosemary to strengthen and Black Pepper to detoxify. Working as a highly bioavailable, 100% botanical team, these ingredients stimulate a sluggish metabolism, boost lymphatic drainage and can visibly smooth and slim waist, thighs and any other problem areas if applied 2 x daily for at least 14 days.

Suggested Use
Apply SOIE SAUVAGE perfecting body scrub in shower with vigorous massage and rinse off before massaging all desired body areas with CONTOURS DE LIANE. Use strong circular motions, ideally with included body massager moving upward towards the heart.


TO CELEBRATE VALENTINE'S DAY we are giving away a FREE 50g box of ChocBEAUTE skin beauty chocolate with every order over €100. Dark chocolate has been cherished for its life-enhancing properties for over two thousand years. Back in the time of the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations, cocoa was revered for its ability to boost virility. Since then, scientific studies have confirmed dark chocolate's to lower blood pressure, enhance cognitive performance and illuminate the complexion. Happy Valentine's Day!


Replenish skin moisture levels this January and keep your complexion smooth and luminous with these 3 tips:

1. First thing in the morning, apply FLEURS NOCTURNES 100% botanical, soothing body all over your face and body. Wonderfully rich in nourishing essential fatty acids and protective botanicals - and delicate enough even for your face, FLEURS NOCTURNES visibly reduces fine wrinkles and protects your skin from Winter dehydration. 50ml FLEURS NOCTURNES now FREE with every order over €100!

2. Enjoy soft boiled eggs or fatty fish twice a week: High quality animal fats & proteins are one of your skin's greatest friends as the weather becomes colder, and runny yolks and fatty fish are great ways to protect your skin from dehydration during cold winter months. Add a large pile of antioxidant broccoli and a steamed sweet potato with garlic (plus lashings of organic butter), and make your skin smile.

3. Get your beauty sleep! Those clever grizzly bears hibernate for a reason: in Winter we receive much less warmth and energy from the sun, so NEED more sleep. One of the best strategies for smoother skin in Winter is simply to get at least 10 hours of quality shut-eye several times a week. So treat yourself with a candle lit, (Epsom Salt) bath and be snuggled under a cosy duvet by 10pm. They call it BEAUTY SLEEP for a reason!

NB. For truly restorative sleep, make sure the Wifi router is unplugged and your phone fully switched off (and as far away from your bed as possible, for example in the kitchen under a metal pan :)) before going to bed!


.and my favourite wellbeing tip at this time of the year? Barefoot walking on the grass! Barefoot strolls, in grass or on the ocean's edge is aptly known as 'grounding' and is a gloriously efficient way of discharging  the stress-causing positive ions we accumulate from mobile phones, computers and ambient wifi. Being exposed to electronic devices all day and often all night depletes the body of antioxidants and overloads it with harmful free radicals which can interfere with sleep, lower immunity, lead to chronic inflammation and increase your risk of degenerative disease - so how nice that something as simple as a daily stroll in soft, dew-fresh grass is a scientifically proven way to release the excess positive charge into the ground and rebalance yourself body and soul! PS. Walking barefoot on grass for a few minutes every day also helps induce deep and restful sleep, as physical contact with the earth’s surface helps reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body as well as help reset our circadian rythmns, which explains the efficacy of earthing for the promotion of sound sleep.. besides which, it just feels so good!


Based on the experience of around 600 integrative doctors who used specific herbal protocols to help their patients to recover from Covid-19, we are thrilled to introduce our LUNG COMFORT TEA. The tea has been formulated specifically in response to Covid-19 and is composed of herbs that have been successfully used in the field to improve people's lung performance. While DANIELE de WINTER is careful not to make any claim whatsoever as to the ability of any of our products to help with any disease, the key ingredients in LUNG COMFORT TEA have a long standing reputation for their ability to help people breathe more easily.



The sun is shining, you can actually hear the birds singing and pollution levels keep going down all over the world, so Enjoy Happy Earth Day with us - we love her so much!


What are the most important features for you in a sun cream?
That it provides safe and reliable protection? (ok, that’s a no-brainer)

That it :

- provides full spectrum UVA&UVB protection?
- is hypoallergenic and minimizes your risk of sun allergies?
- is clinically recommended for small children?
- absorbs invisibly into your skin with no white streaks?
- Is filled with high-antioxidant botanical ingredients?
- Is deeply smoothing and super anti-wrinkle?
- Is coral-and-ocean-friendly?
- is waterproof?

- In addition to ticking ALL of the above, how about: is on FABULOUS EASTER OFFER: so if you buy one you receive a 2nd identical full-size product entirely FREE?

You are in luck!!
Our "buy one get one free" offer is valid on both SOLEIL PURE 50ml SPF 50+ and SOLEIL PURE 100ml SPF 25 while stocks last!


Watch out for 5G

There are now hundreds of scientific studies that demonstrate how harmful 4G and Wifi are for our health and above all the health of our children and babies. According to experts the womb of a pregnant mother is 20x more electrosensitive than the brain of an adult and mobile exposure can have devastating consequences for the development of a baby's brain. To illustrate this fact, pregnant women in China are required by law to wear EMF-shielding silver netting over their stomachs to protect their growing fetus from harm. As mind-blowing as that is, an increasing number of high-level studies now all agree that the damage caused by existing mobile technologies is nothing compared to the devastation to both our health and the natural world around us that will be caused by 5G. We all absolutely must to learn how to protect ourselves and our families without delay. For more info and links to studies take a look at the movie 5G Apocalypse or read:



Great news! Our high performance botanical facial oils have been awarded the prestigious prize of BEST FACIAL OILS in the 2018 LUX BEAUTY AWARDS! All three oils, PLUIE DE ROSES smoothing anti-wrinkle oil, ETINCELLES DE SOLEIL toning, energizing, revitalizing facial oil or FORET PRECIEUSE cooling, clarifying anti-rosacea facial oil won 1st prize and we are thrilled with this fabulous honor!

You can get our oils at 20% off (if you live in the EU) or a massive 40% off (if you live in the rest of the world) until midnight on January 31st, when our sale ends. Happy Shopping!


Happy 2019!! The New Year heralds new beginnings, clean slates and fresh opportunities!! It also offers the chance to create exciting resolutions for the year to come, even if the only one you make is to appreciate life to the full and be truly grateful for everything!

So with this in mind, here are our New Year's Wishes:

Love yourself JUST as you are! Make 2019 the year where you really enjoy just being You!

Live the life that makes You happy and never feel guilty (when you eat chocolate / miss the gym etc). Just eat fresh veggies and go for a walk in the fresh air afterwards to make up for it.

Play with your gorgeous pets, kids or friend's kids every day and be really kind to everyone you meet; It will add a little sunshine to each day.

Look after your skin with superb natural skincare :) and have an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS NEW YEAR !

Autumn Beauty


This is the season of red and gold! Brilliantly sunny mornings, white, diamond encrusted frosts and woodland walks on soft, luminous beds of russet, yellow and flame that let you feel the forest floor is strewn with gold. It is in this glorious season of beauty that we have launched our new and improved ELIXIR MAGIC YEUX to smooth and rejuvenate your eye and lip contours and protect these delicate areas from the impending cold. Our new ELIXIR MAGIC YEUX contains even more hyaluronic acid to moisturise and minimize fine lines and more antioxidant, anti-inflammatory botanicals to reduce puffiness and smooth skin. To make this the perfect time to test this excitingly effective, new ELIXIR MAGIC YEUX we are offering a massive 20% discount to the first 100 buyers. While stocks last...




Beach, Sun and Sangria, Sandals, Sunsets and Sexy Golden Skin; what is not to love about Summer! To keep your face, neck and decolleté protected at all times, our brand new ENERGIE PURE GOLD super-antioxidant, replenishing day cream is formulated with super-antioxidant Astaxanthin, cold sea Caviar and pure 23 Carat Gold to boost skin energy levels and keep your complexion smoother and younger-looking despite the sun. This is a brand new production so get yours while stocks last!




Quench your skin's thirst and beautifully calm redness and irritations with PETALES D'EAU GOLD gel-mask. Cooling, Soothing and very rich in Aloe Vera, hyaluronic acid and 23 Carat Gold. PETALES D'EAU GOLD deeply hydrates and gives you a longer lasting tan. Now on special Summer Offer! Go to PETALES D'EAU GOLD for details..






Smooth your skin and reduce cellulite with 100% botanical CONTOURS DE LIANE. Rich in nourishing oils of Jojoba and Grapeseed, Super-antioxidant, commagen-boosting Marula oil and toning, energizing essential oils of Cypress, Grapefruit and Lemongrass, CONTOURS DE LIANE can visibly slim contouts after 3 weeks daily use..







With Easter around the conrner and Spring arriving 'en force' we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new GIFT CERTIFICATES! This is a wonderful time to give someone you care about the gift of natural beauty: Smoothing, perfecting Elixirs, energizing Supplements, firming, redensifying Moisturizers or super-antioxidant Beauty Drinks, our gift certificates cover them all! Shop now..










In this January period of detoxes, cleanses and New Year’s resolutions, it is nice to know that there are two little ingredients that can make it all that much easier!

One of the most attractive, features of a woman’s (and man’s) body is a slim waist, creating the gorgeous, Sophia Loren hourglass figure and that fit, virile look on a man. One oil molecule can help you get there by specifically reducing visceral inflammation and helping to whittle away around the middle:

EPA Omega 3 oils from marine sources, especially when combined with natural antioxidants, are the most anti-inflammatory ingredients in nature and a daily dose of 700mg or more can visibly slim your waist by rebalancing your fatty acid levels and reducing visceral inflammation.
1. Other benefits of Omega 3 include:
- Smoother, younger looking skin: Omega 3 help replenish sebum levels and protect connective tissue from moisture loss, making skin smoother and plumper.
- Heart health: studies show that consuming Omega 3 from marine sources together with antioxidants regularly can significantly lower your risk of heart attack. (source: The Lancet 1999; 354:447-55
- A brighter, sharper brain: more than 90% of the Omega 3 in our brain is DHA, which has shown itself to be essential for healthy brain development in children and for preventing brain shrinkage and dementia in old age.
- Improved mood: by reducing systemic inflammation all over the body, including in our brain, EPA & DHA Omega 3 protect against depression.
- In fact, EPA and DHA Omega 3 are important for so many body functions they are extensively distributed throughout our body, heart and brain. Research shows there are even specific transporters in our blood-brain barrier, in the placenta (in pregnant women), and also in our liver, which transport Omega 3’s in a very precise way into the cell membranes where they belong.

It is highly recommended to always combine Omega 3 with a good dose of antioxidants to protect them against oxidation, as in people with a lack of antioxidants in their diet, Omega 3 have less than half the beneficial effect they do when combined with super-antioxidanrs like Astaxanthin. (Source: Hooper L, Thompson RL, Harrison RA, et al. Risks and benefits of omega 3 fats for mortality, cardiovascular disease, and cancer: systematic review. BMJ 2006;332:752–60)

DANIELE de WINTER's skin smoothing supplement SKINERGIE contains a therapeutic dose of 1500mg pure, concentrated Omega 3 (700mg EPA & 450mg DHA plus other Omegas) together with 6.75mg of 100% natural Astaxanthin from algae in every sachet. SKINERGIE is now on special offer: receive 21% extra FREE with every purchase!

Last Day of the SALE!!

Today is the Very Last Day
of the once-a-year DANIELE de WINTER
Super Sale! Insert the code DEW at checkout for a Super Discount off your entire order!!
Ends at Midnight on January 1st 2017!


Containing Superfruits Raspberry, Blueberry, Maqui, Acai, African Mango, Baobab and Acerola as well as Siberian Ginseng and Matcha Green tea, a daily BEAUTY SHOT is a delicious and easy way to raise whole body antioxidant protection and boost your immunity.

Try our November Monaco Beauty Cocktail: a sachet of BEAUTY SHOT mixed into a freshly blended Pomegranate & Beetroot Smoothie. Divine!!


Discover gorgeous products to keep your skin smooth, plump and gorgeous despite chill November winds.. Our Autumn collection is rich in 23 carat gold, green tea, honey, macademia, marigold and a host of potent organic botanicals to deeply nourish & energize your skin from both inside and out!

To firm and deeply hydrate, try BONNE FEE smoothing, perfecting anti-aging mask with Mango and Soya Protein, BONNE FEE brightens and perfects your complexion in less than 10 minutes and achieves significant improvements in skin youthfulness by stimulating collagen synthesis after 3 weeks.

If your skin tends to be fragile and sensitive, try PETALES D'EAU GOLD. Rich in soothing Aloe Vera, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and energizing 23 Carat Gold, PETALES D'EAU GOLD noticeably calms, softens and moisturizes even the most delicate complexion. Now available in a chic new airless dispenser to keep the potent botanical extracts fresh and powerful down to the very last drop.


The countdown to the Monaco Yacht Show (MCYS) starting September 28th has begun and DANIELE de WINTER are thrilled to be announced as Official Yachting Health & Beauty Partner of the Show for the 3rd year running.

DANIELE de WINTER will be providing massages in a reserved area of the Monaco Yacht Club throughout the 4 days of the show and coaching captains & crews on the most effective ways to help their guests stay slim, energized and protect skin, scalp and eyes against UV damage from both INSIDE and OUT while on board.

For more info email <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> If you are in Monaco we would love to meet you at the Show!


Being the total Wellness Warrior you are, you will have heard that sugar is today's Public Health Enemy Number 1 and wheat and all refined carbs should be avoided with a barge-pole to prevent inflammation and accelerated cellular aging. Nothing new here..

Our exciting news is however that IF tea & cake or ice cream are just 'unavoidable', jugging down a quick BEAUTY SHOT at the same time can help reduce any spike in blood sugar levels as well as protect your skin against sugar-induced collagen glycation and your whole body against inflammation.  BEAUTY SHOT's 100% natural mix of superfruits blueberry, raspberry, african mango, maqui & acai, super-roots such as turmeric & siberian ginseng and pure marine extracts naturally lower inflammation and delay release of sugar from food into the bloodstream, helping keep your body slim and energized and your skin smooth and clear - even with the occaisonal treat..

Remember.. Pleasure makes you Beautiful.

From Monaco with Love!


Mother Nature is surprisingly ingenious, and stores millions of health-giving minerals, enzymes, vitamins, phytonutrients, antioxidants, pro-biotic bacteria and other beneficial compounds in the most unlikely of places: you guessed it, in soil. The wonderful blend of organic minerals and other nutrients in healthy soil is also known as fulvic acid.

Here are some very convincing reasons not to wash your (Organic) Vegetables too thoroughly. Fulvic acid has the ability to : 

  • Dissolve and remove accumulated toxic pollutants from the body
  • Act as a powerful antioxidant, inactivating harmful free radicals
  • Increase the body’s overall “redox potential”
  • Enhance enzyme activity, including alkaline phosphatases (help to break down proteins), transaminases (needed to make proteins), and invertase (breaks down sugar into glucose and fructose)
  • Restore mineral balance in our body

For more details, see article below :


Thanks for reading!

Be happy, love your life and love your beauty Inside-Out!


Slim your waits, enhance your energy and boost your tan with the INSIDE OUT Wellness kit. A True INSIDE OUT beauty Promotion in support of the non profit initiative “Dance for All - Dance for MS” which is an on-going activity providing the Joy of Dance for House-Bound MS suffers arranged by the Dance and Creative Wellness Foundation.  https://www.facebook.com/danceandcreativewellness2332016http://danceandcreativewellness.com https://www.gofundme.com/creativewellness

When buying the “Dance for MS – INSIDE OUT Wellness kit” 20% will be donated directly to the Dance and Creative Wellness Foundation and their Dance for All – Dance for MS initiative. Promotion active for the full month of June.  

It is an honour for us at DANIELE de WINTER Monaco to team up with the Dance and Creative Wellness Foundation on this initiative extending the gift of wellness as part of our misson to convey natural INSIDE OUT beauty and wellness solutions for a greater more pleasurable living. 

The INSIDE OUT Wellness kit contains:

SKINERGIE 28 day supplement kit to smooth, firm and clarify the skin, boost energy levels and enhance general wellbeing.


SKINERGIE improves skin elasticity & hydration and helps minimize lines • Works to optimize sebum levels and calm rosacea, eczema and acne • and acts as a very powerful, 100% natural ‘inner sunscreen’ that still allows Vitamin D to be synthesised on your skin.


FRAICHEUR DU VERGER 200ml 100% botanical warming, toning and energizing 100% botanical body oil to relieving post-workout soreness.


 FRAICHEUR DU VERGER’s fragrant, uplifting, 100% botanical formula improves circulation and oxygenation of muscles and will help you feel invigorated and refreshed – and perform at peak levels the very next day.


(63€ off normal RRP)


Burn fat throughout your body more efficiently and specifically reduce the amount of visceral fat around your waist with this simple daily habit:

Take concentrated omega 3 fish oils. Omega 3 Fish oil helps to decrease blood sugar levels, which is very helpful for slimming as high blood sugar stimulates Insulin production - and raised insulin levels prevent fat loss.

The 2500 mg of purified Omega-3 fish oil in SKINERGIE have fat burning benefits and can cause your body to reduce the amount of body fat it stores. EPA & DHA Omega-3 reduce inflammation throughout the body and allow for more efficient communication between cells. Being blended with mega antioxidants from algae and acerola further boosts their fat burning ability. Through the daily 2.5g of purified, concentrated Omega 3 fish oil in SKINERGIE, you simultaneously reduce inflammation throughout your body and help slim your waist, help your muscles to burn more energy and visibly replenish skin sebum levels from within: leading to smoother, moister skin and less wrinkles.


One of the well-documented benefits of consuming Curcumin internally is that it helps both smooth skin and reduce skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema and acne. Curcumin kills the anaerobic bacteria P-Acne that causes acne in the first place and boosts the immunity of our skin cells. Curcumin is also chemoprotective and helps prevent diseases and cancers of the skin. It has been used to treat skin conditions including psoriasis, vitilago and melanoma as well as to heal and regenerate various other types of skin wounds.

Curcumin helps keep skin youthful and elastic by blocking inflammatory enzymes such as elastase that interfere with the synthesis of elastin. Together with Collagen, Elastin is essential for smooth, elastic skin and the more we have, the more youthful our complexion.

Studies[i]confirm that Curcumin possesses powerful antioxidant abilities, over 300% more powerful than the famous pine bark extract Pycnogenol. Curcumin also offers remarkable anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and anticancer qualities for skin health. Curcumin can be used to treat skin disorders such as acne, rashes and warts in very high doses without any negative side effects.

Curcumin has been shown to improve collagen synthesis, increase skin density and accelerate wound healing. Curcumin boosts skin immunity and is very helpful at promoting a smooth, youthful complexion.


According to latest research published by the Center for Immunology and Infectious Disease at London's Queen Mary University, the BEAUTY SHOT ingredient Curcumin combined with a catchecin in Matcha green tea can “significantly inhibit antibiotic-resistant forms of Acinetobacter baumannii”. Acinetobacter baumannii is a very virulent and persistent bacteria that is resistant to a large number of antibiotics and therefore at the root of a large number of hospital-caught infections.

A. baumannii is responsible for nearly 20% of all hospital caught cases of Pneumonia and has also been found among many emergency medical facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade. Open shrapnel and mortar wounds make it very easy for the bacteria to take hold and thrive.

Extremely difficult to treat conventionally, latest studies have demonstrated that this bacteria can however be defeated by a combination of Matcha Green Tea’s Epigallocatchecin and Curcumin: Working as a team, the green tea catechin disrupts the outer bacterial cell membrane allowing Curcumin to enter inside the bacterial cell and interrupt the bacteria’s cellular metabolism.

To learn that Matcha Green Tea combined with Curcumin is more effective against potentially deadly hospital superbugs than some of the most powerful antibiotics is truly exciting! Whereas antibiotics can damage healthy gut flora, suppress our immunity and put us at risk of digestive disorders such as IBS; Matcha Green Tea and Curcumin have multiple, well-documented health and beauty benefits and actually feed beneficial gut flora.


Case Adams: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/curcumin-catechin-polyphenol-inhibits-superbug-bacteria?page=2

Betts JW, Wareham DW. In vitro activity of curcumin in combination with epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) versus multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii. BMC Microbiol. 2014 Jun 27;14:172. doi: 10.1186/1471-2180-14-172.

Koulenti D, Lisboa T, Brun-Buisson C, Krueger W, Macor A, Sole-Violan J, Diaz E, Topeli A, DeWaele J, Carneiro A, Martin-Loeches I, Armaganidis A, Rello J; EU-VAP/CAP Study Group. Spectrum of practice in the diagnosis of nosocomial pneumonia in patients requiring mechanical ventilation in European intensive care units. Crit Care Med. 2009 Aug;37(8):2360-8. doi: 10.1097/CCM.0b013e3181a037ac.

Zhang D, Rajaratnam V, Al-Hendy O, Halder S, Al-Hendy A. Green Tea Extract Inhibition of Human Leiomyoma Cell Proliferation Is Mediated via Catechol- O-Methyltransferase. Gynecol Obstet Invest. 2014 Jun 18.

Darvesh AS, Bishayee A. Chemopreventive and therapeutic potential of tea polyphenols in hepatocellular cancer. Nutr Cancer. 2013;65(3):329-44. doi: 0.1080/01635581.2013.767367


Your skin is your largest sensory organ: there are over 2500 nerve receptors in every cm2 of your fingertips alone with the ability to register even the very lightest touch or breeze: Kept healthy and supple, skin has the ability to simultaneously protect you from heat, cold and multiple forms of aggression. Above all, beautiful skin makes you feel beautiful, so it is worth looking after!

Cherish yours by nourishing it from both the Inside and Out with the finest, bioactive botanicals, EFA, proteins and enzmes in Nature. At DANIELE de WINTER we are committed to helping you Love the skin you're in!


Find lovely gifts for the ones you love this Valentine's day with our hand picked selection of botanical, paraben-free INSIDE OUT Beauty gifts.

At very special prices, while stocks last..

Professional Beauty 2016 - 28 & 29 Feb

We look forward to meeting customers new and old at the Professional Beauty exhibition, see the plan below to find us in the hall (Click the image to see the full flor plan).

2016 Opening Times

Sunday 28 February: 10am - 6pm & Monday 29 February: 10am - 5pm

2016 ExCel: London's world-class venue

Situated in London’s vibrant Docklands with direct links to the city centre and excellent access via both car and tube, ExCeL is Britain’s finest venue.

For more travel information visit http://professionalbeauty.co.uk/e/London2016/site/travelandaccomodationlondon


To celebrate the New Year, DANIELE de WINTER INSIDEOUT Beauty is now available at John Bell & Croyden; beautiful, official pharmacy to Her Majesty the Queen. Now stocking super-antioxidant, collagen-boosting BEAUTY SHOT and the full, DANIELE de WINTER Monaco INSIDEOUT rejuvenation range at 50-54 Wigmore St, London. Go On London: Shop Yourselves INSIDE OUT Beautiful!!


Start the New Year in beauty: For 3 days only we will GIVE you
a 2nd unit of any product purchased on our website
as a FREE New Year’s gift, NO CODE NECESSARY!!

Ends Midnight CET Jan 4th 2016


ALL ORDERS Placed before Sunday December 20th will enter our Prize Draw to win a FREE CHRISTMAS AT HOME Kit worth €89,25


After months of diligent preparation the DANIELE de WINTER elves have launched our bespoke, hand crafted 2015 Christmas Gift collection. Impress your friends or just pamper yourself with our collection of bespoke INSIDEOUT Beauty gifts from Monaco.



Just in time for Christmas, a groundbreaking new study published in Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry gives hope to slimmers and everyone keen to manage their blood sugar levels. The study, carried out by a Korean laboratory reveals that Curcumin may provide a unique solution for overweight individuals by altering the composition of fat cells in their bodies from harmful “white fat” into calorie-burning “brown fat” cells.  In the new study titled, "Curcumin induces brown fat-like phenotype in 3T3-L1 and primary white adipocytes," Korean researchers established for the first time that Curcumin is able to transform “white fat” cells (adipocytes) into much healthier brown fat through a broad range of separate mechanisms.

On top of this amazing benefit, Curcumin also helps stabilize blood sugar and has been shown in multiple clinical trials to prevent the onset of diabetes in people with high blood sugar[i]. Curcumin improves insulin receptor function by strengthening its binding capacity to sugar. Curcumin also has the ability to modulate sugar uptake and utilization in the bloodstream.

Curcumin furthermore reduces the activity of specific liver enzymes that release sugar into the bloodstream while activating enzymes that store sugar as glycogen (which is what we want). The net result is that blood sugar levels are stabilized, blood triglyceride levels are lowered and a person’s risk of contracting type II diabetes and also of gaining weight around the middle is measurably reduced[1].

Each DANIELE de WINTER BEAUTY SHOT sachet contains 650mg of ultra-bioavailable Meriva curcumin, which according to clinical tests is absorbed 20x better than Curcumin & Bioperine (pepper). Just in time for Christmas !!

Take one BEAUTY SHOT sachet twice a day dissolved in a small glass of water before lunch & dinner to help your stay slim & beautiful over the festive season and beyond... and simultaneously smooth and firm your skin!

We will be launching some Super BEAUTY SHOT CHRISTMAS OFFERS on Nov 1st. WATCH THIS SPACE!



Latest research indicates that instead of getting yourself or your child a flu jab this Winter, you could better boost your immunity against the fly by feeding the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Latest research shows that healthy gut flora protects us from flu more reliably than a flu jab.

Eating herbs and berries such as raspberries, blueberries, acai, matcha green tea, curcumin etc actively stimulates the production of beneficial, immunity-boosting gut bacteria.

DANIELE de WINTER BEAUTY SHOT contains concentrated, highly bioavailable raspberries, blueberries, maqui, acai, matcha green tea, boabab, curcumin and more - which all actively feed beneficial, immunity boosting gut bacteria.

..and its really great at perfecting your skin too!
Here's to a beautifully healthy Winter!


Source: Greenmedinfo.com



Formulated to firm your skin, clarify your complexion, nourish beneficial gut flora and bring a host of other wellbeing benefits, we are thrilled that deW BEAUTY SHOT, a small sachet of soluble 'super fruit & super shoot' powder designed to boost wellbeing and beauty from within every day is BACK IN STOCK!
Rich in bioavailable marine collagen and botanicals such as Curcumin, Acai, Matcha Green Tea and Maqui, deW BEAUTY SHOT works to energize and repair cells throughout all layers of the skin from the very first glass.

Now available at: http://www.danieledewinter.com/…/products/beauty-shot-28-day





New reasons to lie in the sun while your children exercise outdoors. 

Women with the greatest sun exposure have an 80 percent reduced risk of breast cancer. Even if you were only in the sun lots as a teenager but less as an adult it can reduce your risk of breast cancer by 60% to 70% as an adult.

Due to lack of sunshine in Winter months and our obsession with sunscreen when we are in the sun, an estimated 70% of schoolchildren are Vitamin D3 deficient. Schoolchildren who get lots of sunshine or take Vitamin D3 supplements during Winter months are about half as likely to develop tooth decay and reduce their risk of the flu by about 50 percent compared to children who play mainly indoors. The flu protection provided by sunshine is actually far better than the protection provided by flu vaccines, which often miss the mark entirely and do not protect against 'current' strains of influenza at all. 

Children also benefit hugely from exercising outdoors : according to an ABC News report, children who joined a daily fitness program raced ahead of their classmated academically: students who worked out every morining and had access to exercise bikes and balls throughout the day nearly doubled their reading scores, and increased their maths scores 20-fold!

If you and your children live somewhere with very little sun then a Vitamin D3 supplement can really help : a supplement that combines Vitamin D3 with K2 is ideal as K2 enhances Vitamin D3 absorption. 



Nutrition Reviews January 2015; 73 (1): 51-67



Our BRAIN represents 2% of our body weight but uses 25% of our energy.

60% of our brain is made of FAT, 20% of which is DHA (long-chain Omega 3).

DHA keeps cerebral neurons elastic, and elastic neurons communicate really well. When DHA is lacking it is replaced with omega-6, a more solid fat which makes neurons rigid and inpedes cellular communication.

Children with ADHD that are supplemented with long chain Omega 3 show dramatic improvements in mood and thought capacity. Becase traditional kids foods : buns, burgers & chips, cakes & sweets are loaded with heat-treated Omega 6 fats and absolutely no Omega 3, many kids have an Omega 3 deficiency.

Research shows that supplementing with long-chain, fish-based Omega-3 oils can help reduce the symptoms of ADHD, a variety of psychiatric illnesses and degenerative brain disorders.

Receptors in the brain for happiness hormones dopamine and serotonin are also made of DHA Omega-3. Without enough DHA, these receptors use whatever fats are available : processed & hydrogenated fats can deform serotonin receptors and make them ineffective. As children’s brains are still developing, the impact of a DHA deficiency in children can be much much greater than in an adult. Low levels of dopamine and serotonin are common signs of children with ADD/ADHD and Autism.

Long chain Omega 3 oils improve serotonin levels in the brain and protect the fragile membrane of brain cells, they improve memory, learning & reasoning: making kids happier and smarter.

As the brain uses so much energy it is also very susceptible to oxidation, so it is great to make sure children get lots of antioxidants from raspberries & blueberries, green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes and bright orange fruits. DANIELE de WINTER SKINERGIE 100% plant-&-fish-based daily supplements contain a mega-antioxidant blend of highly purified long-chain Omega 3 and concentrated, 100% natural antioxidants from fruits & algae : SKINERGIE is designed to enhance memory & serotonin levels and protect sensitive children’s brains from oxidation.


In the last 10 years alone there have been at least 23 global published studies associating fluoride exposure to a lowering of IQ in children, damage to teeth, brittle bones, accelerated aging and increase the risk of degenerative disease. Millions of children around the world are unnecessarily exposed to Fluoride both through their toothpaste and even worse their drinking water neurotoxin on a daily basis.

According to the studies, fluoride actively interferes with the functioning of a large number of key enzymes in the human body and brain and impairs children’s natural brain development.

Fluoride has the ability to cross the placenta and enter the unprotected, developing fetal brain, so it can cause brain damage even in the woumb. More than a hundred published animal studies document fluoride's harm to the brain and its ability to lower babies IQ even before they are born.

Governments have been adding fluoride to tap water and encouraging fluoride in toothpaste for decades to « protect » children’s teeth from tooth decay. However it now turns out that the assumption that fluoride protects frorm tooth decay was based on super-flaky research, and latest findings confirm that fluoride does not protect teeth from cavities at all : quite the opposite, fluoride actually causes dental fluoridosis[1](white or brown patches on teeth), increases the risk of brittle bones, fractures and crippling bone abnormalities."

A revolutionary report published in the journal Langmuir, shows that the assumed benefits of topical application of fluoride are no benefits at all, as the flouride deposited on teeth after brushing with fluoride toothpaste is 10,000 times finer than the width of a strand of hair and is washed away through the simple act of chewing : Fluoride does not protect against cavities at all.

Quite the opposite, two recent studies both concluded that fluoride is actually bad for teeth. One study published in India[2] showed that fluoride leads to an increased risk of tooth decay and other health problems including bone deformities, weakening of the immune system, accelerated aging and even blindness. A second study confirming that fluoride is actually bad for teeth was published in October of last year in the Journal of the American Dental Association !

According to official US government reports[3] a shocking 41 percent of American teenagers have dental fluorosis due to the fluoride artificially added to tap water and toothpaste. In the UK the statistics are lower as fluoridated water is less widespread. But every child with flouride damage is one too many. You have to question that if fluorosis of teeth is already visible, what other side effects of fluoride poisoning (bone defects, poor thyroid function, arthritis, reduced cognitive ability..) will show up later..

Fluoride is is a cumulative toxin that is "neurotoxic and potentially tumorigenic if swallowed[4]", it causes cellular damage and interferes with the absorption of key minerals such as iodine, which is found in every cell of your body and is absolutely essential for thyroid function and hormonal health. Fluoride leaches large quantities of iodine from the body, so putting it in tap water directly causes widespread iodine deficiency – which is linked to Hashimoto’s disease and other Thyroid disorders : it is estimated that over 40% of pregnant women in the Western world are iodine deficient[5]. As good iodine levels are essential both for a baby’s brain development and for a healthy thyroid in later life, adding fluoride to tap water looks crazier and crazier.

In countries where fluoride is added to the water there is an additional risk of neurotoxicity to babies by uninformed parents who make up baby formula with tap water. At current Amercian levels (0.7 ppm) for example, such a baby would receive approximately 175 times more fluoride than a breast-fed child, putting it at massively increased risk of nerve damage, impaired immune function, brittle, deformed bones and a lower IQ.

Cheers !

The best way to prevent tooth decay is to eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables and fermented foods (sauerkraut, cheese & unsweetened, full-fat yoghyrt) reduce consumption of refined, sugary foods, and rinse your mouth with (fabulously antibacterial) coconut oil after every meal.

[1]Yahoo News

[2] Indian children blinded & crippled by fluoride in water

[3]Beltrán-Aguilar et al.

[4]Time Magazine, April 12, 2010

[5] Paediatrics 2014 : AAP recommendations on Iodine during pregnancy & lactation


We used to think that children can ‘eat what they want’ because they are young, but with rates of Autism, ADHD and childhood disease exploding it is time to accept that the opposite is true: Gut bacteria during infancy permanently alters gene expression, brain development and behaviour : What we eat during childhood has a direct influence on our mood, intelligence and immunity as an adult.

Our gut and brain are actually created from the same type of tissue. During fetal development, one part turns into the central nervous system and another develops into the enteric nervous system. They remain connected our entire life.

A typical kids diet of processed food rich in wheat, refined sugar and pasturized dairy causes aggressive, pro-inflammatory gut bacteria to proliferate. The good news is that replacing junk food with organic steak, fish and veggies can repopulate the gut with friendly bacteria in a matter of months, heal inflammation and reverse much of the damage; However once a child reaches mid-teens, any damage to genetic material and grey matter caused by gut inflammation becomes permanent, no matter how friendly gut flora subsequently becomes. The importance of a fresh, natural, organic diet during infancy is thus more important than at any other time in our entire life: A SUPER-FOOD DIET DURING CHILDHOOD WILL ENHANCE BRAIN POWER, HAPPINESS AND IMMUNITY FOR AN ENTIRE LIFETIME !

To ensure your children’s gut bacteria are friendly and health-promoting, meals with lots of raw or lightly cooked organic vegetables, organic meat, eggs, nuts & seeds are the way to go. Full fat organic dairy is also great, as are wild fish and organic eggs.

Foods your children should avoid include all grains (particularly wheat), biscuits and sweets, fat-reduced dairy, hydrogenated oils and all processed fast-foods, as these nourish agressive, pro-inflammatory gut bacteria that attack a child’s underdeveloped intestinal wall, causing gut permeability and allowing harmful toxins to pass via the bloodstream straight into a child’s developing brain where they damage brain development and actively lower IQ.

Our gut-brain connection is impressive: the greatest concentration of serotonin in our body is not produced in our brain but in our gut : natural antioxidants from fruit & vegetables, Vitamin D & Omega 3 from fatty fish boost serotonin levels, enhance memory and boost happiness. Wheat, refined grains, hydrogenated fats, processed sugars, sweeteners (aspartame & sucralose) and GMO on the other hand INHIBIT serotonin production and increase the risk of depression, aggression and ADHD.

If you would like to receive a preview of Daniele's brand new E-book SCRUMMY SUPER-FOOD FOR KIDS to be published in June 2015, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sources: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/all-disease-and-health-begins-gut



Please join Richard Riddel, educational guru and founder of examconfidence.co.uk and myself, Daniele de Winter at our very first event of 2015, dedicated exclusively to boosting the wellbeing of your princes and princesses...

With exam stress and deeply worrying childhood ailments such as hyperactivity, ADHD, obesity and even Autism becoming ever more widespread, this invitation-only event will be dedicated to helping you support and boost the health, happiness and both social and intellectual success of your children.

Where: at Grace Belgravia Club, 11c West Halkin Street, London SW1X 8JL

When: Thursday January 22nd at 18:30

Please confirm your attendance by sending an email to: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling +44-(0)208-045-1370



Just in time for Christmas pudding with double cream, stilton, gorgonzola and butter on everything is the wonderful news that full fat dairy is actually much better for us (than low-fat)!

Flying in the face of decades of media misinformation telling us that full fat dairy products are unhealthy, fattening and to be avoided at all costs, is in-depth research linking the consumption of full fat dairy to a slimmer body, protection against diabetes, better cholesterol levels, improved digestion and a longer, healthier life (compared to low-fat or fat-free dairy produce).

Organic, grass-fed, raw, (non pasteurised) full fat milk is the gold standard due to its higher Vitamin C and mineral levels, Omega 3 content, wonderful taste and ease of digestion, however even if pasturized, full fat dairy appears to be much, much healthier for us than low-fat versions! 

The following fascinating data (inspired by chriskresser.com) gives real food for thought:

A meta-analysis of 16 studies found that full-fat dairy was either inversely associated with obesity and metabolic disease, or not associated with them at all. In other words, people who ate the most high-fat dairy foods had the lowest risk for obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. (1)

•  Higher circulating levels of trans-palmitoleic acid (a fatty acid found in dairy fat) are associated with healthier levels of blood cholesterol, inflammatory markers, insulin levels, and insulin sensitivity, after adjustment for other risk factors. In one study, people with the highest levels of trans-palmitoleic acid in their blood had a 60% lower risk of developing diabetes than those with the lowest levels. (2)

•  Another study showed that people who ate the most full-fat dairy had a 69% lower risk of cardiovascular death than those who ate the least. (3)`

•  A study at the Harvard School of Public Health found that women who ate two or more servings of low-fat dairy foods per day, particularly skim milk and yogurt, increased their risk of infertility by more than 85 percent compared with women who ate less than one serving of low-fat dairy food per week. (4)

•  It bears mentioning that all of these studies were observational in nature, so they don’t prove that full-fat dairy is responsible for all of the effects mentioned. But they certainly make it difficult to argue that full-fat dairy is harmful and contributes to obesity, diabetes and heart disease, and if anything, they suggest the opposite is true.

•  How full-fat (but not non-fat) dairy may prevent disease

How could that be? Well, it turns out that some compounds in high-fat dairy products—such as butyrate, phytanic acid, trans palmitoleic acid, and conjugated linoleic acid—have been shown to have beneficial effects.

Butyrate provides energy to the cells lining the colon, inhibits inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, and may prevent colonic bacteria from entering the bloodstream. In fact, butyrate’s anti-inflammatory effect is so strong that a dose of four grams per day for eight weeks induced complete remission in a group of Crohn’s disease patients.

Phytanic acid, one of the fatty acids in dairy fat, has been shown to reduce triglycerides, improve insulin sensitivity, and improve blood-sugar regulation in animal models. In a study of 2,600 U.S. adults, another fatty acid in dairy fat, trans palmitoleic acid, was found to be associated with lower triglycerides, lower fasting insulin, lower blood pressure, and a lower risk of diabetes. 

Conjugated linolenic acid (CLA), a natural trans fat found in dairy products, may reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. 

Finally, dairy fat is also a good source of fat-soluble vitamins like retinol (active vitamin A) and vitamin K2, which are difficult to obtain elsewhere in the diet.

Should we be consuming dairy products at all?

There’s no question that dairy doesn’t work for everyone. Some people are allergic to or intolerant of the proteins in dairy, or are highly sensitive for lactose. In those cases dairy must be strictly avoided or additional steps must be taken (such as fermenting milk to make kefir or yogurt, which are lower in lactose) to make it tolerable.

But for people who tolerate dairy, there’s really no reason to choose low-fat or non-fat varieties—in fact, by doing so you may be limiting or even eliminating the benefits you would get from consuming dairy products in the first place!

Not only that, I think most people will agree that full-fat dairy tastes so much better. Hooray!



Our Super Autumn Competition is over and we have drawn the winner. To find out who has won our hamper of Super Antioxidant deW Monaco beauty care. click here: 

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See our Yacht Kit for details..




Brilliant conclusion to our DANIELE de WINTER waterfront spa at the Monte Carlo Yacht Show located in the stunning new Monaco Yacht Club : all deW treatments for the four days of the Show were booked by midday of day one, so we added a second treatment bed at 7am on day two to double capacity - and booked up again almost immediately -Wow ! A million thanks to our beautiful, professional, fantastic therapists from the Ecole Elegance Gontard in Nice: Alexandra, Genna, Priscilla, Anaïs, Alison, Adrienne, Dyane and Megane – all our guests absolutely raved about you!
Equally huge thanks to the dream team of Luxury MBA students from IUM University of Monaco: Alison, Mia, Aurélie, Ghalia, Jacopo and Saurabh who manage our welcome area, serve delicious ice cold raspberry, mango and super fruit BEAUTY SHOT smoothies all day, sold our beautiful super-antioxidant yacht kits and explained the benefits of DANIELE de WINTER Inside Out Beauty on board. You made it happen guys!! Click to Watch the Video....


We are thrilled to announce that DANIELE de WINTER have been selected as Official Yachting Health and Beauty partner of the Monaco Yacht Show 2014 from Sept 24th-27th.

This year the world’s largest showcase for Super and Megayachts afloat will be the biggest ever, with an expanded exhibition area and berthing for around 110 superyachts in the Port Hercules of Monaco.

DANIELE de WINTER are honoured and delighted to partner this incredibly prestigious event! 

"The demand for space at MYS has been a challenge to us for more than ten years," said Gaëlle Tallarida, Managing Director of the Monaco Yacht Show, "The improving global economy and expanding demand in developing economies for exclusive products and services, including Superyachts, was full of meaning for us and for Monaco also. Jointly with the Monaco Government, the MYS has been able to extend its show footprint for 2014 enabling us to again welcome the elite of the international Superyacht community not only to an expanded MYS but Monaco itself, the world capital of yachting”. 

The new extension perfectly matches the increasing demand for exhibiting bigger yachts in the Port. Last year’s event appeared to herald the beginnings of a recovery in the yachting market and it seems today that some yachting statistics are close to pre-crisis figures, in terms of volume, with order books and the demand for finance on the increase. During the last two to three years it has also been noticeable that there has been an increasing demand for vessels over 100m, the Monaco Yacht Show will now be able to berth these giants for all to see.

Please visit us in the beautiful Monaco Yacht Show C&C lounge - we would love to see you. For invitations please email <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> and see you on board!





DANIELE de WINTER Monaco had a superb launch luncheon at the Top Deck of the National Theatre today with some wonderful friends from the British Health & Beauty press to celebrate the UK launch of BEAUTY SHOT and SKINERGIE, two inner beauty products designed to prevent and reverse the signs of skin aging for a dramatically rejuvenated complexion within 6 weeks. Undoubtedly the two most exciting products to come out of la Maison DANIELE de WINTER this year…



DANIELE de WINTER Monaco enjoyed two very successful, sun-filled days at the Monaco Symposium on Luxury organised by IMSEE and the IUM. A Million Thanks to the fabulous DANIELE de WINTER team during the two days: Pictured (L to R) Nazanine (Daniele) Josie, Zhanna & Svetlana. Not in the picture Ana & Claudia - Thankyou Ladies, you were all brilliant!

..Many thanks also to the tireless Le Meridien Serving Staff who kept us in unlimited fresh water and crystal goblets for two days of non-stop BEAUTY SHOT tasting, Merci!!



Curcumin, an active part of the Tumeric root and one of the prinicpal ingredients in deW BEAUTY SHOT has the ability to destroy cancer cells and promote healthy cell function.

Curcumin is the bright orange antioxidant pigment in turmeric root and has been used in both traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Curcumin is a polyphenol antioxidant which is very effective at protecting skin cells against oxidative stress. Curcumin powerfully boosts skin immunity and protects skin from inflammation, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, scleroderma, dermatitis, wrinkles and in general against premature aging.

Curcumin is able to protect the skin from damage and studies have confirmed that curcumin possesses antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and anticancer qualities for skin health. Curcumin is nontoxic, and can be used to treat skin disorders such as acne, rashes and warts in very high doses without any negative side effects. 

Curcumin is also chemoprotective and helps prevent diseases and cancers of the skin. It has been used to treat skin conditions including psoriasis, vitilago and melanoma as well as to heal and regenerate various other types of skin wounds. Inflammation and oxidative stress can interfere with the wound healing process, however curcumin supplementation was able to improve collagen deposition, increase the density of the vascular structure of the skin and accelerate wound healing. Curcumin boosts skin immunity and is very helpful at promoting a smooth, youthful complexion.

The Curcumin in BEAUTY SHOT is an extremely pure, patented version over 29x more bioavailable than traditional curcumin. To see more information go to deW BEAUTY SHOT.



FABTIPS.CO.UK, the UK's leading luxury Blogzine awards DANIELE de WINTER with a coveted beauty Oscar for our SOLEIL PURE sun beauty range. Hypoallergenic, saturated with antioxidants and affording stable UV protection for 3 times longer than other sun protection due to unique filter encapsulation technology, SOLEIL PURE provides powerful, invisble protection from sun damage while smoothing & hydrating your complexion. The whole team at DANIELE de WINTER is thrilled with the Fabtips award!




Promoting fantastic women from all races, creeds and walks of life who actively contribute to society, New Woman Networking  celebrated its 3rd birthday party on Feb 11th together with DANIELE de WINTER on the Famous Star deck in Monaco.




Daniele de Winter, founder and president of DANIELE de WINTER Beauty will be speaking at The Beauty Symposium at Machester's MAKING COSMETICS Trade Show at the end of March. Mme de Winter will be speaking about innovation in beauty products. 

Making Cosmetics, a two-day exhibition packed with content on developing cosmetics from concept to launch will see the Beauty Symposium focus its attention on “Ready Steady Launch!!!

With an inspiring and compelling line up of speakers including experts on training and education, e-commerce, logistics and next-generation beauty, the not-to-be-missed Beauty Symposium will answer the question  - “You’ve Got Your Brand - What’s Next?”  For details visit: http://www.theredtree.co.uk/the-beauty-symposium/



Taking it gently in Winter with relaxing yoga, walking & slow running increases your immunity against colds & flu and can boost your lifespan by 6 to 10 years! According to new research from Germany (so we believe it..) strenuous exercise in Winter can actually be harmful, exposing you to cold weather bugs and actually shortening your lifespan as much as no exercise at all would. No wonder animals hibernate in Winter... Now where's that massage oil...




DANIELE de WINTER INSIDE OUT Beauty has just launched at the glorious Crystal Spa & Lounge in St Petersburg, one of Russia's most iconic wellness destinations. Daniele herself was present at the Spa to personally present the INSIDE OUT Beauty Concept. http://crystalspa.ru




Ever wanted to smooth and illuminate your skin fast before a big night out? If so, help is at hand...

Our 'do-it-yourself' 5-minute firming, energizing facial is designed to replace the 2 hour cat nap none of us have time for...  We love this video, courtesy of our favourite UK Beauty Blogger, Laura Ward-Ongley of www.fabtips.co.uk




Along with getting enough sleep and drinking enough water, the foods we eat ever day can powerfully affect our brainpower, reaction times and even memory, either making us bright as a button or really slowing us down.

Some of the brainpower superstars are Walnuts, Almonds, Wild Salmon and Tuna as well as of course blueberries and raspberries...

To know which foods to really focus on and which to avoid, read the article by Daniele de Winter published in International Coaching News.



We are thrilled at DANIELE de WINTER that our favourite Aesthetic Doctor in Monaco, (= Beausoleil...), the incredibly talented Dr Reza Khorsand is now stocking DANIELE de WINTER harmonizing, energizing INSIDE OUT beauty products at his clinic in Beausoleil. The process of optimizing skin energy and hydration both before and after any cosmetic procedure can visibly enhance and optimize results, and we are very excited to be working with Dr Khorsand in this area.




We are delighted to announce that DANIELE de WINTER's high performance botanical beauty care will be available at two of Monaco's leading pharmacies from September 2013 onwards. DANIELE de WINTER's antioxidant, botanical beauty care will be available at la Pharmacie de l'Estoril in Larvotto and la Pharmacie du Soleil in Beausoleil.. Come check us out; or if you prefer beauty shopping from the comfort of your bedroom, see our latest offers on this website - next day delivery is free of charge in Monaco.


Latest research confirms that to protect our health and beauty, relying on Governments is no longer enough. The terrifying proliferation of Genetically Modified crops in the USA is spreading across the globe and causing cancer and other disease rates to skyrocket. To stop it, we all need to take action; whatever industry we are in and whatever we do. To learn more see:

GM crop cultivation causing a surge in cancer, infertility and endocrine dysfunction in Argentina.

Doctors recommend their patients to avoid GMO at all costs:

10 reasons to avoid GM foods by Dr Mercola

The Organic Consumers website

“ . . . within the scientific community and educated public alike, there is a growing awareness that Roundup herbicide , and its primary ingredient glyphosate, is actually a broad spectrum biocide, in the etymological sense of the word: "bio" (life) and "cide" (kill) – that is, it broadly, without discrimination kills living things, not just plants.  Moreover, it does not rapidly biodegrade as widely claimed, and exceedingly small amounts of this chemical have DNA-damaging and cancer cell proliferation stimulating effects.”

We thought you should know!

Your DANIELE de WINTER editorial team.


Laurent Nouvion, President of the Monégasque Parliament, was the latest VIP guest to enjoy a DANIELE de WINTER INSIDEOUT beauty dinner at the panoramic Fairmont Monaco Horizon restaurant. Invited as guest of honour by the Entrepreneurial Women's Association of Monaco (AFCEM). President Nouvion and Monaco's glamourous female business leaders were treated to a gourmet beauty dinner by Daniele de Winter. The 3 course, low GI, high protein, gourmet meal provided a combination of phytonutrients, antioxidants and omega 3 to help guests feel light, energised and bursting with "joie de vivre" at the end of the evening. From strawberries to scallops, raspberries to rocket and onions to delectable omega 3 fish, the dinner focused on fresh, pure delicous ingredients for a culinary INSIDEOUT beauty experience - See full article at: therivierawoman.com



DANIELE de WINTER beauty products have featured prominently in a video created by THE DAILY TELEGRAPH on the new, luxury touchpad innovation by IRIS. Shot at the stunning Kempinski Palais Hansen in Vienna, the video shows how luxury & technology can actually be a match made in heaven. Filmed at the Palais Hansen in Vienna, currently DANIELE de WINTER INSIDEOUT beauty's exclusive partner in Austria.






The eighth Monaco Life Business Leaders' Lunch yesterday welcomed its first lady speaker, well-known Monaco resident and beauty ambassador Daniele de Winter, in the Mediterranean ambiance of the Horizon restaurant at the Fairmont Monte Carlo. Daniele explained the healthy properties of her own Joie de Vivre menu and answered endless questions from the attending ladies on achieving a radiant complexion, a slim waistline WITHOUT dieting (!) remembering the importance of sunshine (daily sun exposure lowers the risk of infection by 50%!!) glossy hair, boosting energy levels and more… Daniele sent the assembled audience running to stock up on raspberries, fish oils etc...



Passionate about feeling fabulous at any age and just "loving the skin you're in?" Daniele de Winter will be sharing with us practical and often surprising insights over lunch on boosting energy levels, looking at least 5 years younger in as many days (without makeup), enhancing immunity, reducing stressand boosting feel-good hormones, making the most of fat, naturally & 'healthily' whitening your teeth, amazing ways to have your cake and still lose weight as well as of course lots of beauty tips.

As the very first female speaker invited by Monaco Today for its traditionally 'finance-centric' readers, Daniele will include a live "make your own beauty enzymes" demonstration and a guest appearance by Wing Chun Star and "Inner Energy" Master Ridha Lhiba, Cost: 95 euros including welcome drink. To book, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you are like us girls at DANIELE de WINTER, you've been eating farmed salmon regularly and feeling virtuous about it for its skin smoothing, heart healthy Omega 3's. If this is you, then read on :

A staggering 395 kg of pesticides are sprayed on farmed Scottish salmon each year, twice as much as in 2008, to control the growing numbers of fish lice that infect them. In the wild, salmon are migratory fish and travel many km every day; keep them in a packed cage and aquatic parasites have a field day.

Farmed salmon has been found to contain tumour-promoting PCB’s (Poly-Chlorinated Biphenyls) and Dioxins that can damage brain development in children even in tiny doses. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) warns that eating more than one portion of farmed salmon weekly could exceed the World Health Organisation’s maximum intake for these toxins.

Salmon from fish-from farms in Scotland and the Faroe Islands are so pesticide rich that just 55 grams of uncooked salmon per month is the maximum amount that can be eaten before boosting cancer risk, according to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines. The Pesticide Residues Committee also found the pesticides DDT, chlordane and hexachlorobenzene in 97% of the eighty farmed salmon they tested. Even a banned insecticide di-chlorvos has been found in farmed supermarket fish. Farmed Salmon, instead of being recommended as being good for you should probably carry a Health Warning! The least chemicals were found in salmon farms in Canada and Chile.


Do you also eat farmed salmon because you think it will protect stocks of wild fish? Think again because the opposite is true: 80% of the fish oil produced worldwide is used to feed the salmon farming industry, as without supplementation of their diet with Omega 3 from wild fish, farmed salmon contain hardly any Omega 3 anymore as they do not move and are fed a mix of high-dose antibiotics, fish carcasses & faeces and other unnatural ingredients, including pink dye to colour their flesh which would otherwise be grey - the pink dye is Canthaxanthin (E161e), which is banned by the EU for direct addition to food for health reasons, but nothing tells us that we are already eating Canthaxanthin indirectly in farmed salmon.

As farmed salmon production increases, the numbers of wild salmon plummet. By merely swimming past disease-ridden salmon farms, wild salmon can catch many deadly diseases agaist which they have no natural defense as, unlike their medicated/vaccinated relatives, wild salmon are unprotected against their myriad exotic infections.


The truth is that farmed salmon probably does not even offer the Omega 3 benefit we buy it for anymore as farmed fish are over 5x fatter than wild salmon, and most of this fat is the unhealthy Omega 6 found in junk food. For a health and beauty benefit we need to lower the RATIO of Omega 6 to Omega 3 in our diets (around 15:1 in a Western diet, it should ideally be around 2:1). By containing so much unhealthy Omega 6, farmed salmon probably does not raise our relative Omega 3 levels at all.

Far too few know this, so the global salmon farming industry is growing exponentially. In the meantime 80% of the precious fish oil from wild fish (and the even more precious wild fish themselves) are being wasted on an industry that no longer provides any real health benefit!

We think your best bet is to eat wild salmon once a month - and avoid farmed salmon entirely.




http://whfoods.org/genpage.php tname=dailytip&dbid=30&pfriendly=1&utm_source=daily_click&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily_email


Global Marine Ecosystems are being decimated by overfishing, pollution and by millions of swimmers using sunblock containing the ingredients: octylmethoxycinnamate, benzophenone-3, parabens or octocrylene, all of which can kill coral (even at very low concentrations). http://scubadiverlife.com

DANIELE de WINTER Monaco is therefore very proud to launch its two botanical "Ocean Friendly" SOLEIL PURE sunscreens. Both are entirely paraben free, certified hypoallergenic, wonderfully waterproof and provide broad UVA and UVB protection exceeding Australian standards (the strictest in the world).

Smoothing, hydrating SOLEIL PURE SPF 25 is enriched with antioxidant, decongesting rosemary, regenerating, anti-inflammatory green tea and soothing, healing marigold. Anti-wrinkle, anti-redness SOLEIL PURE SPF 50+ for very sensitive skins and children contains antioxidant, regenerating wild basil, soothing, anti-inflammatory waterlily and hydrating, healing mallow.

DANIELE de WINTER Monaco is delighted to support the goals of The Monégasque Prince Albert II Environmental Foundation with these two "coral friendly" launches : http://www.fpa2.com


"deW Gourmet Beauty Food” launched at the Fairmont Monte Carlo in a smile-filled ceremony on April 3rd.

This new partnership between Daniele de Winter, author of bestseller "Eat Yourself Beautiful" and the Fairmont Monte Carlo brings Daniele de Winter's rejuvenating INSIDE OUT Beauty™ natural rejuvenation concept to one of Monaco's top luxury hotels.

The deW gourmet beauty food menu is saturated with anti-aging antioxidants, enzymes, omegas and high quality protein – all carefully combined to optimise their energising, smoothing effect on your skin. A functional concept to illuminate your complexion from inside in a totally delicious way.  




(Photo: Fairmont Head Chef Philippe Joannes* presents Daniele de Winter with a personalized Chef's Tunic. On Daniele's right: Fairmont Head Pastry Chef Claire Verneil)

*Philippe Joannes has been awarded the title : "one of the best chef's in France".

DANIELE de WINTER launch in Vienna

Kempinski Palais Hansen Vienna chooses DANIELE de WINTER for their spa.

The glamorous, brand-new Vienna Kempinski hotel has selected DANIELE de WINTER Monaco high-performance beauty care for their spa therapies. Originally built at the time of the World Exhibition in Vienna in 1873, the Kempinski Palais Hansen is an elegant, classical palace in the heart of Vienna, on the famous Ring Boulevard, that has just been renovated in breathtaking style. Offering 152 sumptuous rooms and suites, two restaurants and three bars, the Palais Hansen Kempinski brings a new level of luxury to the Austrain capital, not least through its wonderfully spacious, state-of-the-art spa and bespoke DANIELE de WINTER botanical rejuvenation therapies.

DANIELE de WINTER "deW" INSIDEOUT beautyTM therapies nourish all layers of the skin with high-performance, 100% natural formulations and are clinically proven to achieve visible skin rejuvenation (dramatic improvements in skin tone and smoothness) with astonishingly gentle, 100% botanical treatments. All deW products are delivered with purely manual techniques in order to maximise the living energy delivered to the skin.


Daniele de Winter joined Goldie Hawn and Goldie's partner Kurt Russell at a gala evening in London in support of Goldie Hawn’s The Hawn FoundationThe Hawn Foundationis an inspirational, non-profit corporation founded by Goldie herself in 2005 which aims at nurturing happiness in children through the Foundations's innovative MindUP programme.

Daniele was delighted to provide the 150 VIP guests at the wonderful event with luxury Monégasque beauty gifts for from her DANIELE de WINTER natural skincare range.



Where would we be without you? You give more unconditional love than anyone else in the world. To all the beautiful mummies out there, Have a Wonderful Monther's Day!!

We all know a Mother's life can be stressful, so to help keep you smiling, here are our top tips to increase production of "happy hormones "Dopamine and Serotonin - and stay beautiful under ALL circumstances :

1. Get enough sleep (ok, this one's not easy for a mum..): nevertheless, seven or more hours slumber at night cut daytime stress levels in half !

2. Regularly eat poultry, fish, eggs and nuts, as high quality protein directly supports Dopamine production.

3. Spend at least 15 minutes every day chilling: stretching, gardening or gazing at the sunset: as taking just a little time for yourself really helps you relax.

4. Hug your kids, friends & pets as often as possible.

5. Eat lots of green vegetables and drink water. Cut down on alcohol, tobacco, sugar and refined carbohydrates, which all increase stress levels.

Finally 6. Get your heart pumping every day by running up the stairs, playing outdoors with the children, carrying the shopping home, doing 50 push-ups or having sex.

Easy really... Have a Fabulous Day :)


You know how good bright, morning sunshine feels on your face…?

Well, theres a great reason for that: Essential for health and beauty, Vitamin D is synthesised on our skin when we are in the sun. Vitamin D is a mega-multifunctional Vitamin that helps us to lose weight and stay slim, boosts the calcium in our bones to keep them strong – and our teeth white, improves our mood and dramatically improves our immunity.

Best food sources are fatty fish (salmon, mackerel & tuna and egg yolks, but it is hard to get enough from food alone, - just 5 to 10 minutes sun a day (without sunscreen) is all you need.


Tis the Season to be Merry, but in truth many people 'enjoy' Christmas alone and many more are affected by SAD; a seasonal form of depression caused by a lack of bright sunlight reaching the retina at the back of our eyes that leads to a biochemical imbalance in the hypothalamus, a part of our brain that influences mood.

The great news is that recent studies confirm that spending at least one hour outdoors every day

in Winter, ideally in bright, morning sunshine is the best way to avoid SAD completely or reduce its severity. If you go for a brisk walk or have a snowball fight, benefits are even bigger, as exercise stimulates our body's production of endorphins, our very own "happy hormones". 

What you eat can make you happy too! A fresh, bright, antioxidant-rich diet with lots of fruit, vegetables, avocados and nuts rich in Omega 6 and fatty fish rich in Omega 3 & mood boosting Vitamin D reduces inflammation and thereby also lifts your mood. Avoid too many processed foods & alcohol, wrap up warm and let the Winter sun shine on your skin. 


Daniele de Winter was officially invited to cut the launch ribbon of the new luxury spa of the Kempinski Cathedral Square in Vilnius together with Kempinski Vilnius General Manager Noel Attard and Kempinski hotel Vilnius owner Marius Jakulis Jason. 


DANIELE de WINTER INSIDE OUT Beauty™ Launches ADLON Kempinski in Berlin, Germany's Hotel of the Year 2013

 Berlin, November 2012. DANIELE de WINTER Monaco INSIDE OUT Beauty™ launches at the new Adlon Kempinski SPA by Resense.

The palatial and historic Adlon Kempinski, just voted Germany's hotel of the Year 2013, has lauched DANIELE de WINTER INSIDEOUT beauty" in its stunning, new Adlon Spa by Resense.

deW INSIDEOUT beauty™ was developed by Daniele in cooperation with her father, Professor Jan de Winter and is a synergistic beauty system, combining skin care with beauty drinks and beauty nutrition to visibly rejuvenate skin from both Inside and Out. The bespoke, blissfully soothing treatments at the Adlon Spa by Resense employ ingredients such as pomegranate, grapefruit, acerola, avocado and coconut oil, green tea and grape seed for intense antioxidant skin nourishment.

Adlon Spa by Resense is located on Behrenstraße 72 in Berlin and is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. as well as Sunday and Monday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. The hair salon is open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Further information is available at www.hotel-adlon.de or by calling 030 2261-1220.

DANIELE de WINTER Launch at new KEMPINSKI in Vilnius

We are delighted to announce the launch of DANIELE de WINTER Monaco's rejuvenating, botanical spa treatments at the fabulous, just-opened Kempinski Hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania.

This stunning hotel is Kempinski's first in all the Baltic States. Located on the historic and picturesque Cathedral Square, metres from the Presidential Palace and within view of the Vilnius Cathedral and other UNESCO wonders, legendary Kempinski service can now be enjoyed in the heart of one of Europe's most fascinating capitals.


DANIELE de WINTER Monaco are thrilled to have been selected by Kempinski for this fabulous location! Upon his recent visit to Lithuania with Princesse Charlene, His Serene Highness Prince Albert of Monaco stayed at the Kempinski Vilnius and commented afterwards how very proud he was to find DANIELE de WINTER Monaco there.

Spa treatments by DANIELE de WINTER Monaco blend highest quality, 100% botanical anti-aging ingredients with luxurious, energy enhancing manual relaxation and lifting techniques. Our goal is, quite simply to provide each client with the most blissful (and effective) spa experience of their life! To book a DANIELE de WINTER treatment at Kempinski Vilnius, please call +370 5 2201190 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Daniele de Winter will be one of the experts at the Monaco-to-Los Angeles international Wellness Summit. So if you would like to revitalize your beauty, body, inner deliciousness and style with support and encouragement from a like-minded online community, We invite you to join a Dream Team of Wellness, Beauty & Style experts from Monte Carlo and Hollywood on a 12-week journey to Total Wellness! 

Sign up for the fabulous Transforming You Online Summit by clicking the Transforming You link... and have an amazing time!


We are very proud to announce that DANIELE de WINTER's spa partner in Cyprus, the fabulous Hébe Spa at the Columbia Beach Resort has been awarded "Best Spa Hotel Cyprus" from the International Hotel Awards!!

Hébe Spa at the Columbia Beach Resort is the only Spa in Cyprus where Daniele de Winter Monaco products & INSIDEOUT beauty therapies are available! To discover the beautiful wellbeing offers and Heavenly mini-breaks available at the most outstanding resort in Cyprus, visit: 





For all busy women executives with overflowing to-do lists and blisters beneath their Manolos, this is for you: Now virtually every health or beauty goal you have ever had - but been too busy to pursue - is at your fingertips: be it smoother skin, more energy, more patience, a smaller waist or a better night's sleep... Whatever your health or beauty goal, DANIELE de WINTER have an Expert E-book to help you reach it.

...and if we do not offer it yet, just let us know - and maybe we would love to write one for you!



If you have ever wished for a glamorous Fairy Godmother to give you a complete beauty makeover: hair, makeup, fitness, beauty & nutrition, fashion and style, guided by International Specialists in each field... all completely FREE, then say Hello to Dr Andrea Pennington, who on on Sept 17th is launching the coast to coast <Transforming You> wellness Summit, taking place simultaneously in Monaco & Hollywood, and of course, right here, online...

Visit http://www.transformingyousummit.com/ to find out more and register!


To relieve any redness or heat in your skin after too much sun, apply a thick layer of refreshing, antioxidant PETALES D'EAU soothing facial mask. Perfect after too much sun. Good for all skin types, even for delicate French complexions such as superstar Juliette Binoche's.

Described by many of our customers as <their absolutely favourite skincare product>, PETALES D'EAU also contains hydrating aloe vera, calming camomile and balancing witch hazel – and absolutely no nasties: hypoallergenic, fragrance free, petroleum free, paraben free: 100ml of pure, fragrant comfort.

PETALES D'EAU soothing, hydrating facial mask: 100ml €49-


Full body massage by a qualified spa therapist has important health benefits. A manual massage such as DANIELE de WINTER's relaxing full body aromatherapy massage at our new luxury beauty spa in Cannes:http://www.danieledewinter.com/Spa-Treatments/le-spa-daniele-de-winter-cannes.html can help you maintain physical, mental and emotional well being, especially when it is part of your regular wellness routine.

In addition to toning your body and hydrating your skin, massage:

improves blood circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

* stimulates the lymphatic system, which carries away the body’s waste products.

calms the nervous system and promotes a sense of relaxation and well being.

* reduces tension and anxiety


A groundbreaking report just published in the BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL confirms that the use of sunbeds significantly increases our risk of melanoma, a highly agressive form of skin cancer. The BMJ goes so far as to recommend completely banning the use of sunbeds to everyone below the age of 18 by law!

So how can we achieve that lovely, sunkissed look without accelerating skin aging or harming your health? Fake tan Ladies...  and to make sure you stay smooth, hydrated and Healthy, enjoy the sun for pleasure only, not to bake! Above all, always wear sunscreen on top of a layer of antioxidant moisturizer, eat lots of raw, colourful, antioxidant rich fruits & vegetables... and, ahem...  avoid sunbeds!

For full details of the BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL report prepared by the Primary Care Dermatology Society (PCDS) on the risk of sunbeds, simply click on this link to the BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL.


On July 9th 2012, Daniele de Winter was guest speaker at the Amber Ladies Day at the Hippodrome of Cagnes-sur-mer upon the occasion of the Famous racecourses 60th Anniversary. The event included a parade of vintage cars, fashion show, musical entertainment, dinner and horse racing, and all guests at the VIP dinner received a DANIELE de WINTER luxury goodie bag.

The Amber Ladies Day was conceived by the Amber Club's creator Dani Carew, author of REDEFINING AMBER.

REDEFINING AMBER tells of a divorced woman re-inventing herself and finding new happiness and fortune. As the mission of DANIELE de WINTER is for women to look and feel wonderful - naturally, Daniele was delighted to support this lovely event.

Daniele de Winter spoke on how to "Feel Amazing, Look Amazing": her top tips included: drink water, eat breakfast, stay active and enjoy lots of green, leafy vegetables, avocados, onions, raw nuts, oily fish, broccoli and whole grains. Above all; love your life! Participants also enjoyed an upbeat presentation by Nicole Petschek of www.vitayours.com.

For event details & photos see: http://redefiningamber.com/?template=t6&page=ladies_day



Nicole Kidman, iconic star of 2012 Cannes Festival's new movie 'The Paperboy' that received a 15 minute standing ovation at its official screening, was spotted in Cannes with a large bag of DANIELE de WINTER beauty products...

Maybe all those botanical antioxidants are one of the reasons she looks so perfect... :) Nicole's co-stars were Matthew McConaughey and Zac Efron. Its a tough job…. Sunny greetings from Monaco!

Hardlyeverwornit, Quintessentially and Daniele de Winter

DANIELE-de-WINTER at Mortons Club London VIP Launch

Daniele de Winter was the guest of honour at Morton's private Club in London Mayfair (http://www.mortonsclub.com) at the VIP launch party of Hardlyeverwornit (http://www.hardlyeverwornit.com), the celebrity world's favourite new website for reincarnating red carpet fashion. Mme de Winter has been invited by Hardly's founder Mme Sharon Wolter-Ferguson to give the exclusive female audience the latest in INSIDEOUT beauty advice on effortless glamour. Supported by Quintessentially (http://www.quintessentially.com).

deW INSIDEOUT Beauty at Kempinski Munich


Daniele de Winter visited the iconic Hotel Vierjahreszeiten Kempinski in Munich on March 11th to celebrate the success of the recent Spa partnership between Kempinski and DANIELE de WINTER Monaco. Created to offer the ultimate in luxury spa treatments, the bespoke collection of deW Spa treatments at Kempinski Munich was designed to provide the ultimate customer experience as well as offering highly visible anti-aging results with pure, Botanical, Paraben-free products; and the results are speaking for themselves. To book, Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel +49 89 2125 2155.

Happy International Women's Day!!


To celebrate Women's day on March 8th (the one day of the year that is truly, truly all about YOU!) phone your girlfriends and find time for a good chat, hug your sisters, daughters, nieces, mother, grannies and aunties and think of how much fun, comfort, warmth and beauty we would be missing out on without all those wonderful women we love!



We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new Alpha™ LED Rejuvenation System at our Cannes Spa, arguably the easiest way to slim and rejuvenate your skin before the bikini season.

Designed to stimulate cellular regeneration with pulsated light, the Alpha™ LED Light-Spa™ is the world's first whole body LED light spa capsule and works to achieve multiple anti-aging benefits including;

Skin Tightening

Tissue Healing

Skin Rejuvenation

Collagen Stimulation


An Alpha™ LED Light-Spa™ treatment also significantly intensifies the results of our manual slimming and anti-aging massages so you get a faster, more impressive result. For best results book a package of 10 sessions at the dramatically reduced discovery price of €50 per session (instead of €89) and see yourself looking fresher, slimmer and more fabulous after each session... Just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone +33 4 933 849 21 to book. Or visit http://www.cannes-spa.com for more information and how to find us.

alt K11 Concept Store is devouring DANIELE de WINTER chocolates for Valentine’s day!

altMonaco's coolest concept store, K11 in La Galerie du Park Palace has beautifully wrapped DANIELE de WINTER Orange Blossom Valentine Kits, and Hot Pink DANIELE de WINTER antioxidant beauty Chocolates: sinful but soo virtuous !  Click Here to learn more about K11




To escape from the snow and unexpectedly cold temperatures this February, Cannes ladies are descending on the DANIELE de WINTER Spa to enjoy its steaming hammam, nurturing facials, hot oil aromatherapy massages and warming cups of fragrant beauty tea. Whether you are sale shopping or just need a moment to unwind, come and visit us for a beautiful & comforting break. Located just off the Croisette - we would love to see you.


Le Spa DANIELE de WINTER in Cannes

http://www.cannes-spa.com Tel +33 4 9338 4921

DANIELE de WINTER Beauty now on Monacoweek.com


Monacoweek.com, the leading Japanese language website about the Principality of Monaco will now be featuring Daniele de Winter health and beauty tips every day on their Japanese language website www.monacoweek.com. An interactive 'ask the expert' beauty blog will also be available.

Total Christmas Beauty at Le Spa DANIELE de WINTER in Cannes

Your bespoke beauty solution

Perfect Skin (?), Perfect hair (?) Sublime makeup (?) Experience the complete DANIELE de WINTER INSIDEOUT beauty makeover at our beautiful new Spa in Cannes.

Situated just behind the Croisette, a stone's throw from the Palais du Festival, We have a team of top professionals to realize your Christmas beauty objectives, whatever they may be. Call the DANIELE de WINTER Cannes spa on +33 (0) 4-9338-4921 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us help you make this your most beautiful Christmas yet.

Overnight Oxygen Facial!

FIRMING SERUM Clinical Results

Discover our new our ‘Overnight Oxygen Facial: It works while you sleep to boost collagen synthesis and add radiance.

Oxygen is essential for healthy, beautiful skin, and increased oxygen levels result in better cellular respiration and leave skin glowing and radiant. City life, smoking and simply getting older all lower the levels of oxygen in our skin, leading to a duller complexion and premature wrinkles.

DANIELE de WINTER’s ‘FIRMING SERUM’ nourishes the skin continuously with pure oxygen for several hours after application: so when you apply it at night, the FIRMING SERUM stimulates collagen synthesis and cellular renewal while you dream to give you a clearer, firmer and brighter complexion first thing...

The results of double blind Clinical Trials demonstrate that The FIRMING SERUM increases both skin density and skin hydration by an average of +60% skin after two months.

The FIRMING SERUM : we call it our ‘Overnight Oxygen Facial’

The Ultimate Girls Beauty afternoon

Groomed and fabulous in Cannes!

The new DANIELE de WINTER Spa just off the Croisette is now offering the ultimate girls beauty afternoon, inviting you and three of your friends to literally take over the spa for a few hours during which a bespoke beauty program will be laid out for you and you will be pampered, massaged and beautified, ready to take over the town with a smoother, tighter body, a glorious (professionally made up) face, great hair and nails and beauty advice galore. For information and bookings, Tel Cristina or Marya on +33 4 9338 4921.

First DANIELE de WINTER INSIDEOUT Beauty Spa in France to open in Cannes

Luxury deW Spa off Croisette

DANIELE de WINTER is opening its very first luxury INSIDEOUT beauty 'skin and body rejuvenation spa' just off the Croisette on the Cannes seafront, 5 minutes from the famous Palais du Festival. The first DANIELE de WINTER INSIDEOUT Beauty Spa in France will be a temple for facial beauty, slimming and full body rejuvenation, using uplifting, purely manual massage techniques in combination with the latest, stress-free technology. If you are looking to reveal and enhance your true beauty or just spend a few hours day of blissful pampering then please call us. Le SPA by DANIELE de WINTER. For information on treatments and bookings Tel Cristina or Marya on +33 4 9338 4921.