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Why should I use this product?

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BEAUTY SHOT™ provides your skin and body with high quality, all round antioxidant protection

BEAUTY SHOT™ stimulates collagen synthesis and the production of hyaluronic acid; hydrating, redensifiying and smoothing your skin naturally from within.

BEAUTY SHOT™ powerfully protects your skin from UV damage without interfereing with Vitamin D synthesis (as sunblock would), so will reduce your risk of sunburn if taken before outdoor activities such as swimming, sailing, treckking, skiing etc.

BEAUTY SHOT™ nourishes healthy gut flora and reduces inflammation around your tummy as well as throughout your body after the very first SHOT.

BEAUTY SHOT™ reduces acidity all over your body

  • BEAUTY SHOT ™ protects and supports the health of your joints, both by reducing inflammation and by replenishing the synovial fluid key for joint mobility.
  • BEAUTY SHOT™ nourishes your eyes, your brain and your mood, not just your skin

BEAUTY SHOT™ helps your body transport more energy to your muscles instead of storing it as fat. If taken before working out, BEAUTY SHOT™ also speeds up recovery time after exercise.

BEAUTY SHOT™ daily dose sachets allow you to effortlessly optimize your beauty and wellbeing wherever you are ; they fit seamlessly into any lifestyle.

BEAUTY SHOT™ enhances the effect of any skincare regime, (not just DANIELE de WINTER products, although there is a guaranteed synergy of action when you combine BEAUTY SHOT™ with DANIELE de WINTER external beauty care.

Most people notice a clear improvement in skin clarity and hydration after about 2 weeks of daily BEAUTY SHOT™ sachets, however first benefits can often be felt within 24 hours,as 24 hours is all it takes for BEAUTY SHOT™ probiotic antioxidants to measurably improve the quality of your gut flora.

As most of the ingredients in BEAUTY SHOT are water soluble, they are very readily absorbed by the body but also easily eliminated, so regular, daily use is essential for optimum skin & body protection, regeneration – and results.

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