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Earning the reputation as a beauty visionary at the early age of 21 when she wrote the international bestseller "Eat Yourself Beautiful" DANIELE de WINTER has been recognized as a groundbreaking beauty “guru” for many years.

Daniele first introduced the concept of INSIDEOUT beauty™ in 2003, when she won first prize at the Monaco National Business Plan Competition for her INSIDEOUT beauty™ natural skin rejuvenation system. The ‘deW’ INSIDEOUT beauty™ product range was launched in 2006 and since then, Daniele’s paradigm-shifting concept has enjoyed a rapid evolution, growing from local, niche skincare company to global beauty phenomenon.

In the course of this development, Daniele de Winter has earned a solid reputation as a prescient innovator and beauty business visionary. By "turning science into pleasure" and treating the skin in synergy from both inside and out, Daniele has opened people’s eyes to previously unconsidered, exciting new possibilities in skin rejuvenation and beauty.

Following the official launch of DANIELE de WINTER in the presence of HSH Prince Albert in 2002, DANIELE de WINTER and her unique INSIDEOUT beauty skin rejuvenation products have gained widespread scienfiic confirmation and acclaim.

Against the background of a beauty industry defined by a limited number of giant multinationals, DANIELE de WINTER Monaco stands out as a young, authentic "Maison de Beauté" with an unique and revolutionary concept for natural skin rejuvenation. Developed by Daniele over 20 years of medical research at the ‘de Winter Anti-Ageing Foundation Clinic’ founded by her father, Professor, Dr Jan de Winter, DANIELE de WINTER offers glamorous, delicious and effective solutions for naturally beautiful skin.

Previous to founding DANIELE de WINTER, Daniele worked for over 20 years on the science of cellular rejuvenation at the de Winter Clinic. During this period, Daniele wrote the bestseller "Eat Yourself Beautiful" and carefully perfected the "living energy" formulations of her synergistic skincare and beauty foods.

A solicted speaker on the international conference circuit, Daniele de Winter has a marketing degree from Vienna University and an MBA from INSEAD.