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Soothing, Uplifting, Raw Chocolate Lung Comfort Tea

Our innovative RAW CHOCOLATE LUNG COMFORT TEA is a delicious, comforting botanical blend of organic, raw 100% cocoa powder with leaves and roots revered among both Chinese and European herbalists for relieving coughs and improving lung performance.

Based on Latest Research

The tea has been formulated specifically in response to Covid-19 and is composed of herbs that have been successfully used in the field to improve people's lung performance. While DANIELE de WINTER is careful not to make any claim whatsoever as to the ability of any of our products to help with any disease, the key ingredients in LUNG COMFORT TEA have a long standing reputation for their ability to help people breathe more easily.


Raw Cocoa: raw cocoa has been used to improve wellbeing for literally hundreds of years, starting with the Aztecs who revered it for its ability to boost virility. Our 100% raw, organic cocoa powder contains high levels of polyphenol antioxidants such as catechin and epicatechin as well as magnesium and heart healthy saturated fats. Famous for increasing endorphins and reducing stress, it tastes, soothing, comforting and delicious!

Licorice: licorice root has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years to help people improve lung performance: in particular, licorice confers powerful anti-adhesive properties to the lungs, making their insides much slipperier and thus making it that much harder for any virus to latch on. Licorice tastes sweet and comforting and helps our LUNG COMFORT TEA go down a treat!

Cistus Incanus: Cistus is a native herb of Sardinia and contains a huge arsenal of powerful plant polyphenols. It is a powerful natural anti-viral - and according to award-winning integrative physician Dr Dietrich Klinghardt - Cistus Incanus is phenomenal at supporting whole body immunity against a variety of diseases, including viruses of the Corona family. DANIELE de WINTER's Cistus is grown on organic land and is carefully hand-harvested and dried to retain the highest potency.

Andrographis : Described by Dr Klinghardt as ‘a Godsend’ for Corona patients, Andographis is of particular benefit for lung health. According to Dr Klinghardt, Andrographis is very effective at stopping the cytokine storm and ensuing lung inflammation which usually preceeds respiratory failure. Andrographis can help rapidly reduce inflammation and - says Dr Klinghardt - help people breathe again!
The second wonderful property of Andographis is linked to enzymes called Furins, which according to Dr Marco Ruggerio are used by viruses to attach themselves to our cells. According to Dr Ruggrio, Andrographis is particularly effective at blocking furin activity, and thus making it much harder for viruses to infect someone.

RAW CHOCOLATE LUNG COMFORT TEA is a soothing, naturally sweet drink suitable for consuming in the evenings and will not interfere with your sleep. Formulated to ease coughs and enhance general wellbeing. Put a heaped teaspoon in a teapot of boiling water, brew for 5 mins and enjoy several cups throughout the day.

For optimum immune support pair RAW CHOCOLATE LUNG COMFORT TEA with our SUPER BOTANICAL VITAMIN C BLEND, get lots of sunshine, early nights and above all minimize your cellphone and wifi exposure, particularly in the evening. Unplug your wifi at night.

All of us at DANIELE de WINTER send hugs and wish you the very best of health!

Rating: 5/5

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